Monday, September 29, 2008

Winter's Coming!

Saturday night was a bit boring at the Casa di Kiki. With said football game in town, I really hate trying to go anywhere, because there are all these tourists/fans that crowd bars and restaurants, so I usually just stay home. And staying home leads to big cleaning purges when I'm trying to avoid grading or editing. I decided to look at my winter coats after I saw on that this week, the low in my region is going to be 43 freakin' degrees!! To me, that's a sign that winter is coming and soon! I have a lot of coats. What can I say? I love to shop. I also love to hold onto things that I won't ever wear again. Most of my coats are 2x, which last winter, they were a little on the large side but I wore them anyway. This year?

I'm drowning in these super huge coats! Since I'm going home in a few weeks, I decided to put all but one of my coats in a huge garbage bag and bring them there. My cousin's wife has inherited many of my "too big" clothes (which is not to say that doesn't weigh on my conscience... is she not losing weight because she's getting all these great clothes that fit her perfectly?) and so I'll see if she wants any of these coats before I hand the rest over to the Goodwill. It breaks my heart because I love the blue coat that I'm wearing above (affectionately nicknamed my Sta-Puff Marshmallow Man coat) as well as my Columbia rain/winter coat that I bought my first year up here. But at the same time... onto newer and better things. I have one coat, a red peacoat, that still fits nicely, mainly because it was an XL petite (outlet shoppping... what can I say?). I need a black dress coat, as I think everyone does, and I'm still looking for one. But, my favorite purchase? A Columbia black down filled coat off ebay for $20. I freakin' LOVE ebay, but I always forget to look at it as I'm replacing clothes in my closet. I'm off to look for a pair of khakis right now!


RooBabs said...

Your picture made me laugh. That's great that your coats are too big, but I know what you mean about hanging onto things. That's great you have someone to give them to.

And hooray for deals on ebay (my husband was an ebay junkie for a while). Great job on that coat- what a steal!

Anonymous said...

Maybe your cousin's wife will see how fab you're looking & be inspired to live healthier. I'm an Ebayer from way back & some of my most cherished possessions have come from there! Hope the khaki hunt was sucessful! Have a great week!

ptg said...

I'm in the same boat as you...all new winter clothes for me, and coats are definitely NOT cheap!

Your picture made me giggle though. :o) Lose 80 Pounds said...

I just purged 4 coats last week! And one of them I bought last winter when I discovered my ass had gotten too big for my winter coat! lol... I have 2 new winter coats so I say "bring it on!" to Mother Nature! ; )

Cammy said...

Love the photo! (You have the most beautiful eyes!)

Giving up the coats was the hardest part for me, I think. They're so expensive.

MizFit said...

not the post point but your eyes? beautiful.

Miz., who lives in the land of HEAT and hath zero coat thoughts right now ;)