Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekly Weigh In: Rain

This morning, I woke up around 4 or 5AM to hear it raining on my balcony. When I got up at 8 to go for my run, it was overcast, but definitely not raining. So I drove to the stadium and started my run. I was about 18 minutes into it when again, I got completely winded and took a minute to walk and catch my breath. Then... I kept going! I completed the whole 25 minutes! Woo!!!!!! And seriously, as I hit that 25 minute mark, the rain came down. It felt so good to be walking in the rain, during my cool down. I felt like doing a little Gene Kelly in the middle of the path in front of the university's football stadium because I FINISHED A 25 MINUTE RUN (with a minute walk in there but still!!!!) I have to admit that my thighs and my butt are burning right now (hills anyone? not to mention the squats I did at the gym yesterday!) but it is so worth it.

So, the not so good news. I weighed in this morning, and I gained 0.2 pounds. Not much of a gain, but it wasn't a loss either. I'm hoping for a better weigh in next week, mainly because I'm feeling a bit bloated lately (Hello TOM!) not to mention my social schedule this week has been ridiculous. I swear, it's either feast or famine when it comes to being social. I have been out to eat every day this week except for Monday. Sure, that's a good thing, because I'm getting out of the house and seeing people. It's bad on my wallet, not to mention my waist line. I really think that this week was the outlier, and next week, where I only have plans for one night to eat out and then my usual Tuesday trivia night drink, will be the norm. But, when you lead a busy life, it's hard to reconnect with people except at mealtimes. I just need to remember that it's all about making (good food) choices, and not eating everything on my plate! What do you do when you go out to eat with friends to stay health conscious?


Jason said...

Woohoo!!!! Congrats :)

BTW, muscle weighs more than fat, so your weight gain may be an addition of muscle that is 'canceling' out your fat loss.

You are a runner now you know....your legs are beefing up :)

ptg said...

Awesome job on your run! WOOOHOOO!

As for keeping health conscious...I try to do the "divide food in half" rule. I also just stay away from alcohol. At first it was really hard, because all I wanted was a margarita or mojito, but now it's just second nature. I don't know if that helps a lot though!

RooBabs said...

I told you the rain would feel great! Congrats on your 25 minute run!!

And .2 lbs is not a gain- it's maintaining. And when you factor in bloating, I'd call it practically a loss, since things will stabilize in a few days.

I struggle with food equalling socializing, too. Luckily I don't have to worry about the alcohol calories, but whenever we get together with family or friends, there's always food. I just try to limit my portions, or eat the healthiest option (or eat before I go so that I'm not starving).