Monday, September 1, 2008

My weekend... The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

I fully admit to C&P'ing this from an email I sent a friend about my weekend. However, I can't imagine retyping this WHOLE thing. Hope you're all enjoying your Labor Day holiday... and that you actually got a day off like me!

Boston: Was awesome. E's a great roomie (so much so than any of my other conference roomies, which is good because I hate roomming with friends and then not getting along). Ate lots of good yummy/bad for me food, including Italian pastries, Cheesecake Factory, and two bowls of lobster bisque (on different days, not in a row). Bought a pair of dressy, comfy shoes that I thought would rock for my 30 minute walk to the conference hotel. Ha. My heels are all ripped up. They look awful and feel even worse. I swear, it's not a conference unless blisters/skin ripping are involved. Friday: saw lots of grad school people. My dissertation chair commented on how happy and relaxed I looked (it's just not in D Chair to comment on my physical changes, he's so old school sometimes). Ran into R (my friend from Argentina that started our grad program at the same time as me)... he told me after a 30 minute chat (and imagine the accent): "Kiki, not only do you look great physically, but you are so... HAPPY." Seriously, thinking about that makes me want to cry. The rest? They actually had to look at my NAME TAG in order to figure out who I was and then was like OMG! Kiki! My fave (after R's comment) was one of my old prof's wives who now lives in NC, but we used to play softball together. She grabbed me, hugged me, and said YOU LOOK SO GREAT. It felt awesome. Seriously, I was walking on air on Friday (not to mention my poster session kicked ass and I got a lot of helpful comments on my project and I had two free glasses of wine at these receptions).

Boondocks, Saturday night: Drove home from the airport, got back around 9PM. E got in her car and drove away before I even got in my apt, which I'm usually cool with but... I don't know why, but something made me try my door before I even put the key in the lock. IT WAS COMPLETELY UNLOCKED. The door was shut, but the locks were open. WTF? I started to freak out, but for some reason, went in anyway. Walked around my apartment and NOTHING WAS MISSING. Nothing. Not the credit cards that I had left on my kitchen table, my jewelry in my jewelry box, my tv, my computer. Nothing. The only thing I found out of order was a piece of insulation on the floor of my closet, which my AC unit is in my crawl space. So (still freaked out at this moment) I call my landlady and tell her what's going on and say to her "was someone in my apartment to change my ac filter because they left the doors unlocked?" Her response? "I can't tell you if that happened or not because I"m not in the office." UM WTF????? You can't remember if the AC filters were changed this week or not? So, she tells me to call security, which in this state of mind, I'm like, what's the number to which she says "YOU SHOULD HAVE THAT PROGRAMMED IN YOUR CELL PHONE." Um... again WTF? Are you kidding me? I just got back from being gone for five days to find my apartment unlocked most probably by one of your workers and you have the guts to yell at me for bothering you on a Saturday night? So, I finally find the security number, the guy comes over, walks through the apartment with me again, and he give me a big hug (because at this point, I'm hysterically crying between the finding my door open/bitchy landlady) and tells me that he has a daughter about my age... because I'm 21 or 22 right? Um... well, that made me smile considering I'm 18 months from my 30th birthday. I eventually calmed down, and slept like a baby. I'm still alive, so I'm guessing that's what happened and that Hannibal Lector isn't living in my crawlspace and indeed it was someone from the office who left my door open.

Yesterday... S and I drove to the local Italian Heritage festival. Um, boring. Good food, but small and boring. But we got caught up since we hadn't seen each other since before I left for Boston. Went to Walmart yesterday and bought a watch for $8 for running (and it's pink!). This morning, thought my heels were ready for a run, so I went... ugh. Bad idea. It was too hot (I went around 10AM because I slept in), my heels were killing me (bandaids be damned) and it just sucked. I ended up running the half out, but then I walked the half back. Eh, can't all be good runs, right? I'll wait until Wednesday to try it again.

I'm going over to some friends for a cookout this afternoon. S and E will be there as well. It'll be nice to get out of my apartment for a while even though I've been completely bumming all weekend. Tomorrow, I'm starting over. Yet again. Geez. Let me rephrase that. I'm going to concretely recommit to my fitness and nutrition program. Stay tuned for that :)


briy said...

That's scary! I'm so glad everything was fine.

I bummed a run yesterday too. But getting out and trying was so much better than not doing it at all, right? :)

Have a nice day!

ptg said...

WOw, what a nasty lady your landlord is and I'm so glad it ended on a positive note (nothing taken, nothing gone, and a nice hug from a guy who thought you were almost 10 years younger than you were!).

Good job on enjoying your "vacation" to BeanTown - but I'm so glad you're back! You keep me on track!!

MizFit said...

you poor thing.
STRESSFUL and not the kind of stress (ok almost :)) obliterated by the fact you got a 'girlfriend you look YOUNG' compliment :)

happy recommitting day.



hit me up if I can help.


RooBabs said...

That's so great that people recognized how great you look (and feel, too). I love it when people give sincere compliments like that. Sounds like a great trip overall- except for the blisters. = (

How scary about your apartment, and how insensitive of your landlady! What if she was in your shoes? Couldn't she have a little sympathy? Glad everything turned out okay. And how cool about the age comment- if it counts for anything, I think you look young, too. = )