Friday, May 30, 2008

I carried a watermelon?!?!

Yesterday, I had a crappy day in general. Aunt Flo is in for a visit, and (sorry if TMI) I get the worst cramps and gas when I have my period. I was seriously uncomfortable in my office, so I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon working from home. Going home, all I wanted to do was drive to Kroger and get a pint of Ben and Jerry's. I also needed a grapefruit and banana for today's meals. So, I started in the produce aisle, hoping that would keep me away from Ben and Jerry land. I found a tiny watermelon... a personal organic watermelon just for me. There are a lot of things that I miss now that I'm single again, and one of those is cooking big meals (risotto anyone?) which you can't really do as a single and the other is buying watermelons. I'm sorry, but I can't put away a whole watermelon by myself unless I plan on turning bright pink! So, this "personal" watermelon was great for me. I spent the rest of the afternoon munch on 1/4 of the watermelon and watching the series finale of Sex and the City in order to prepare for the movie that I'm going to see this afternoon. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about it. Speaking of, need a good upbeat song to work out to? I've been listening to the SATC movie soundtrack, and I love Fergie's new song Labels or Love. It's a great song to run to, but I think the whole album would be great to load onto your IPod for the gym. Or maybe I'm just that much of a SATC-phile :) Have a good Friday everyone!!

PS... I conquered C25K week six day two... two intervals of 10 minute runs with a 3 minute walk in between. This is my last day of intervals. I can't believe I'm here already! Sunday will be another attempt at a clean 25 minute run. The one thing that I am getting really annoyed with at the gym are my headphones. I have those little earbuds that came with my Ipod, but my ears are really really small, so if I get a bit sweaty, they pop out. I bought some earphones that fit around and behind your ears, thinking that it would stay in better... um, my ears are too small for those too!!! So, I think I need to regress back to the so uncool version of the headband earphones. I think those are the only ones that will stay in and allow me to enjoy my run without having to shove my earbuds back in my ears when they fall out.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

No Wonder Our Perception Of Beauty is Distorted

All I can say after watching this video by Dove is WOW. Makes you really put things in perspective. Love you for who YOU are.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Gym

Hi to all my new readers!! Welcome to my blog! I've noticed a lot of new people leaving comments, which I'm so excited about. I think that sometime this weekend, I'm going to update my Google Reader to include all of you :) I love reading other people's blogs, because they are so inspiring, and I love when I get those "Oh someone else is going through what I'm going through" moments.

This week is my first cross-training week, an idea I came up with while I was bored this weekend. I guess I also want to boost my stamina for running, since I feel like I don't have enough to actually get through these longer runs that are coming up. I guess I'm getting intimidated that the next three weeks of C25K are 25, 28, and 30 minute runs, three days a week. How did I get here? Should I really be here? Am I ready for that? I guess the truth is that I am, but at the same time, my good friend intimidation is setting in. I can't believe that by the end of these first six weeks of summer (for me, summer starts when the summer session at my university starts) I will be able to run for 30 minutes straight. A 5K is another thing. I'll worry about distance later.

I'm really enjoying my cross-training. On Tuesday, I split up my time by doing 20 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the stationary bike with a 5 minute warm up/cool down on the treadmill. Today, I started with a 5 minute warm up on the treadmill, then did 10 minutes on the stairmaster (whodathunkit?? that I'd be on the stairmaster!), followed by 20 minutes on the elliptical (I think I'm an addict, I just love it), and 10 minutes on the rower. At first, that was tough, but once I got into the rhythm (and imagining myself in a boat on the Charles as part of the Harvard crew team). My arms are burning a bit right now, but I loved my workout today! Seriously! I feel energized and I'm amazed at my body. I don't think I've lost any weight this week, but at the same time, the fact that my body allows me to do these things that I wasn't able to do before... I am just so thankful for that ability that we take for granted. There are many people who would love to be able bodied, and those of us who are and don't use it are just wasting it.

One more thing... I've given myself the luxury of stretching after each workout. I go into my gym's gym (lol), take one of the workout mats and stretch for about five minutes. It really helps with the soreness and it gives me some time to meditate on what I just did.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

HYC Check In: Um... It's Tuesday??

In looking at my google reader today, I couldn't figure out why there were so many HYC checkins... and then I remembered it's actually Tuesday. Darn holiday weekend completely threw me off!!

Anyway, how am I doing... eh, cosi cosi, to use of the phrases I learned in Italian class last week (that's so so for those of you not in the know!) I've told you guys what I hard time I had with eating last week. Summer turns those of us in academics into a funk. I'm a total sucker for routines, and my routine is thrown into a loop once the semester is over. And by the time I get used to this routine that I'm working out for myself, it'll be time to move onto a new semester. Blah. What's worse is that my unofficial daily weighing tells me that the numbers are up instead of down and it's really weighing (LOL) on me. I hope I can make it through Saturday. If so, it'll be smooth sailing from there.


In non-HYC news, I had an epiphany this morning. Actually, it's been an epiphany in the making. Last week To Lose 80 Pounds posted these pictures of her size 14 pants laying on top of her old plus size 20s. That's the same movement in sizes that I've made and it is unbelievable. Then, this weekend, J and I went to Kohl's and I bought a few pairs of jeans in size 14, because all I had were some 18s and 20s. So... this morning, I pulled a new pair of jeans out of my dryer. They shrank. They had to have. They look so... tiny!!! I'm never going to fit into them. What was I thinking, buying size 14s, even though I tried them on and they fit at the store. I knew they were going to shrink!! Finally, after my inward freaking out, I put on my (metaphorical) big girl pants and then put my (literal) pants on. AND THEY FIT. I'm having such a hard time believing that my fat ass can now fit in to size large tops and size 14 bottoms. I keep seeing myself at 230 pounds, instead of the 189 that I'm hovering around. Visualize the skinny!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

What I Did on my Staycation

First off, Happy Memorial Day to all my US readers. I hope between the hot dogs and pasta salad, we are able to remember what this day is really about: the troops. Regardless if you agree with their job or not, keep in mind that without them, there would be a lot more for us to be concerned about rather than just ketchup or mustard on our hot dogs.

Something on this morning totally caught my eye: the idea of a staycation. And here, I thought I was just a loser who couldn't afford to drive back home (five hours each way) to see my family for the weekend five days after she returned from visiting her family. Oh, and the fact that all my friends here decided to go do other things for the weekend other than hang around (okay, I am a bit jealous of that!). But I couldn't just get up and leave. I'm teaching a six week summer session, which means teaching everyday. So, not only did I have to teach on Friday, but I also have to teach on Tuesday too. So, CNN has made it officially cool to hang around town on a long weekend... coining the term "staycation". Something tells me I'm going to be taking a lot of these over the next few years!

So, what have I been up to? Yesterday, I actually did some work. Scary, right? After mass, I went to Starbucks and edited a paper that I'm going to send out for publication. Then, while I was doing laundry, I wrote in my journal on my deck (one of my new favorite things to do) and read (I'm reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova, about Dracula). Finally, I got around to my paper, which I'm going to finish editing this afternoon before my dinner/Sex and the City marathon. This morning, I tried my hardest to sleep in. This meant sleeping until 7:30. I know, I rock. I got up and watched 27 Dresses. Now, it might be my dark and twisty mood, but I just don't think that movie lived up to its hype. I really thought about that today, and they just don't make romantic comedies like they used to. My favorite one probably has to be French Kiss with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline... what a great movie. 27 Dresses was just so predictable and boring. Sorry. Then I cleaned my living room while watching Frasier and doing more laundry. After lunch and showering, I went to buy myself a new mattress. I've been sleeping on a hand me down mattress since September, and that mattress is seriously about as old as I am. But beggars can't be choosers. So, I decided to be a good American and put my tax rebate into a new mattress for myself. It's coming on Saturday. I'm so excited about it!!

Starting tomorrow, I've decided to start doing some cross-training at the gym. I usually either do the C25K on the treadmill or work out on the elliptical, but I think I want to start using the stepper and the stationary bike. The whole point is to get my heart rate up, and obviously, that's something that can be done. But for now, I'll go back to enjoying my staycation... SATC is calling me!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekly Weigh In: Dark and Twisty

Wow... lots of things to update y'all on. I've been kind of busy this week, workwise as well as being dark and twisty (for all you Grey's fans; it IS time consuming!). What would have been my anniversary is coming up on Tuesday, so I've just kind of been in a mood lately. Not necessarily a bad one, although sitting at home under a blanket and watching as much Frasier as possible could qualify one as being dark and twisty. All I know is that it's been a chore getting out of bed and dragging myself to the gym all week. I can't imagine that it's going to get better overnight.

So, update. I lost this week! 1.4 pounds to be exact. I'm still not back to my pre-visiting Mom weight, but it's a loss and I'll take it. Granted, yesterday, I ate like crazy. My friend J invited me over to partake in a bit of BBQ... ribs, baked beans, deviled eggs, corn on the cob (sans butter). YUM. I made dessert, a banana creme dream whip pie. J cut me the world's biggest slice of that. A part of my dark and twisty mood this week has been a lot of snacking... low-fat pringles and Dove chocolate are my current favorites. I know. Step away from the junk! I've tried. I know I shouldn't bring this crap into my house, but sometimes we're weak. That's where I'm at right now, so I've given myself a get out of jail free card for this weekend.

However, I've given myself a new incentive if I reach my 10 pound goal by June 30: A Vera Bradley tote to use as a gym bag. I need to buy a gym bag anyway, so what a great incentive to mark my 50 pound loss?? I'm completely in love with the Raspberry Fizz print, so that's the one I want in the small duffel size.

On the c25K front, can I get a WOO HOO??? Not only did I get through 8 minute intervals on Friday (which I've found my new favorite time to go to the gym... mid afternoon, which luckily, my schedule this summer allows me to do... and it also gives me some more snoozle time), BUT I ran for 20 minutes straight today! The last day of Week Five is a 20 minute run, preceded by a 5 minute warm-up and followed by a 5 minute cool down. My gym is closed for Sunday and Monday this week, so I had to truck it to the track this morning. In order to know what time I was at, I loaded my Ipod Shuffle with songs that could tell me when these marks were done:

Warm-up: You Can Do It by Ice Cube
20 Minute Run: Glamorous by Fergie, I Don't Wanna Be In Love by Good Charlotte, Canned Heat by Jamiroquai, Stronger by Kanye West
Cooldown: I'm Every Woman by Whitney Houston

The four songs in the 20 minute run are all about 5 minutes a piece. I ran a 15 minute mile, in that Canned Heat just finished when I passed the "start" mark on the track. I started getting really tired about that point. But, the idea of having to do this run over again just because I stopped early kept me moving. Let me tell you, Whitney couldn't have started singing soon enough!!!! Next week's big run is 25 minutes long, and I think I'll be doing it on the track again. During Friday's run, I picked a treadmill at the gym that had the stupid stereo box in a weird position and I kept hitting my hand against it. Plus, there's still that whole fear about falling off the treadmill. I must get over that, but until that happens, I'll be running those long runs on the track, even the indoor track, not the treadmill.

Foodwise, tried something else that I found super yummy: Weight Watchers Yogurt in Amaretto Cheesecake. They're a bit more expensive than my Kroger Light Yogurt, so I only splurged on the amaretto one, but geez... it is yummy beyond belief. Then again, I'm a huge amaretto fan. I also made a menu for this week to get back on track with my eating. It's just so easy to be organized and get things done!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yummy Summertime Food

First off... I need to say that my Google Reader is working overtime since I was gone last week. I have so many of your blog updates to catch up on. Good thing that there is a long weekend for me to read all that stuff.

Memorial Day has gotten me hungry for all sorts of yummy not good for me summertime food. So, over the weekend, while I was at the store, I bought some Turkey Kielbasa from Oscar Mayer, and tried it out for dinner tonight... YUM. It tastes just like pork kielbasa, and cooked up quickly on my trusty George Foreman grill. Some may laugh, but I've been wanted a George Foreman grill since the weather first warmed up, mainly because my little apartment warms up quickly when I turn the oven on. Good for the winter, not so good for the spring/summer especially when I don't have my AC on just yet. I've also become a big fan of the Birdseye Steamfresh Frozen Veggie Singles. One minute in the microwave, and I have the freshest tasting corn or brussel sprouts. What's even better is that they measured out the portions for me, so I don't have to worry about it either.

So, that was my dinner while watching Ugly Betty. Now I need to get ready to study for my Italian exam tomorrow while watching Grey's. Do not attempt this at home :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

HYC Tuesday, er, Wednesday Check In

This week is kicking my butt in more ways than one. Here's my update:

Weight: I gained last week, but in doing my daily weigh-ins, it looks like I'm on my way back down for my Saturday weigh in this week.

Exercise: This past week, I've exercised a total of 345 minutes. I rock! Since I was at home last week, a lot of my exercise included walks and runs outside. But now I'm back at the gym, and I have the soreness to prove it (more on that later).

Foodwise: Eh... I haven't been doing all that great over the past few weeks. Last week, I gorged on my mom's food. This week, it's been chocolate ice cream. I supposed a little splurge here and there isn't harmful, but at the same time, I should stop it. Damn PMS and my cravings!


So, I woke up this morning to find my hamstrings, yes, both of them, super sore. While I was making my morning coffee, I wondered what I did differently yesterday than every other day I went to the gym. Okay, I went at night vs. going first thing in the morning... but that's not it. Ah, yes, I decided to use a cross-country hill routine on the elliptical. What's funny is that at the hardest points I did adjust for the intensity, because it was too intense, and I couldn't read the jokes Donna Brasile was making about Paul Begala on CNN's election coverage (I'm a politics dork, what can I say?). I even remember looking over at the woman next to me on her elliptical as she was maniacally pushing herself to do 100 RMPs per minute, and thinking, geez, she's going to be crazy sore. But, no, here I am, interval girl. I'm the one who's sore!

Like I said, this week is kicking my butt. Summer session started, I need to organize my research projects for the summer, I had food poisoning on Tuesday, and.... I found out that most of my friends are going to be out of town over the weekend. I'm not going home for Memorial Day because I was just home last week, plus I have to teach on Tuesday morning. I think that's what upset me to the point where I went to the gym and foolishly chose to do the intervals. My gym is even abandoning me!! They are going to be closed on Sunday and Monday next week. WTH? So, I've already started planning my weekend. I'm going to be buying a new mattress with my tax rebate, so that can be my Saturday excursion. Then on Sunday or Monday, my friend J and I might be going to Pittsburgh for the day to go shopping. On the day that I don't go to Pittsburgh, I might go see an awful chick flick. I'm hoping Made of Honor is still in theaters over the weekend. I will survive, this is what single life is, this is what summer life in a college town is... and if you notice, I'm not depending on my sometimes date partner to entertain me. Sure, I like him, he's a nice guy, but at the same time, I don't want to get involved in something just because I'm bored. I'm not saying that's why I'm going out with him... but I want to make sure that that isn't why I'm enjoying our dates.

Monday, May 19, 2008

That That Don't Kill Me Can Only Make Me Stronger

I drag my butt to the gym every Sunday morning at 8AM to run my first leg of that week's C25K training. Getting there that early allows me enough time to get ready for 10AM mass and enjoy my coffee and breakfast. I'm trying not to push myself too much this week because I've been feeling a bit under the weather since I got back from visiting my mom. This afternoon, I had a bit of a stomach bug, which I'd like to blame my lunch for, but I'm just not sure if I'm not coming down with something more serious. Anyway... did my run early on Sunday morning, went to a graduation brunch thrown by my department, and then met up with my "date" to have a fun afternoon. The plan was to go bowling, which he loves to do, and which I suck at. But I figured, bowling can't be that strenuous. Hahahahaha. Tell that to my very sore right arm. After we had lunch, the bowling alley was filled with 8 year olds at birthday parties, so we decided to go for a walk by the river. Yeah, it wasn't just an afternoon stroll. We walked for seriously 30-45 minutes at a pretty brisk pace. Then, we drove back to the bowling alley, which is where I had left my car parked (he drove to the river), and I was like, well.... I had fun, and he was like, wait! I thought you wanted to go bowling. Oh, okay. So, we bowled three games, and I was pooped! It was a superfun date, and I'm glad to say that we're finally getting comfortable with each other, and I can see that not being at a table at dinner allows our personalities to come out. But geez... I didn't expect to get a crazy workout on my date!

So, wanna know what's on my newly created running playlist? It runs about 40 minutes so I can use it for C25K as well as my 45 minute elliptical routine on my days off. I hope you aren't lactose intolerant, because there is plenty of cheese contained in this list!

I Don't Need A Man by Pussycat Dolls
Hung Up by Madonna
Glamorous by Fergie
Makes Me Wonder by Maroon 5
Stronger by Kanye West
Gimme More by Britney Spears
Paralyzer by Finger Eleven
I Don't Wanna Be in Love by Good Charlotte
Hard to Handle by The Black Crows

All the songs except for the first and last are dance remixes, and so they have a great beat. I'm a little upset that Gimme More doesn't contain the "It's Britney bitch" line, so I say it in my head. Haha. Kayne ROCKS at that midway point in my run. I just sing along in my head "That that don't kill me can only make me stronger" when I'm starting to feel tired or out of breath. Sometimes we just need some motivation, even if it includes such Velveeta as Fergie, PCD, and Britney. And if that's what's going to push me through this week when I'm feeling super beat, then so be it :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekly Weigh In: Pick A Little, Gain A Little

Not really much of a surprise, but I gained this week. 1.8 pounds to be exact. I've been very upfront with all you folks, and you know that when I head home, I kind of give myself a free card to enjoy whatever. A lot of you go on vacations. This year, I'm not going on any official vacations, so I guess we can count last week as a "vacation". I'll drop the weight quickly, as I usually do when I return to my regular eating schedule.

I did my first C25K Week Five run this morning. This week has a different routine for each of the five days. Today was a five minute run followed by a three minute recovery period. I was surprised that I made it all the way through each of the runs. Last night I downloaded a bunch of dance remixes of songs that I really liked to get me through my run instead of that awful techno stuff that was on the C25K podcasts. Now that I'm running about five minutes at a time, it's a lot easier for me to watch the timer on the treadmill.

So... I'm setting a goal for the next six weeks. I want to hit my 50 pound loss mark (another 10 pounds) by the end of June. I think it's totally doable in the next six weeks. Now that my semester is over (even though I'm teaching this summer), I can focus on my eating and my exercise. I need to get over this hump that's been keeping me hovering around that 40 pound loss mark. And this is the time to do it :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mr. Crew and Ms. Taylor

Yesterday, I went outlet shopping with my mom. At first, I was kind of worried. What if I STILL couldn't find anything to wear in these stores? And then I said, eh, it is SO not worth worrying about. The first store that we went into was J. Crew. I have NEVER owned anything from J. Crew. My roommate from freshman year used to order from there all the time, but then again, she was a size six. Went in, pulled a couple size 14 capris from the tables and walls and tried them on. The first pair was too small, but that's because it was a closer cut. The second pair fit just right... mainly because they weren't a classic cut, but a more roomier cut. So, I now own my first pair of J. Crew pants! This was the trend for the rest of the day... Gap, Ann Taylor (another store that I never bought anything at before!), and Eddie Bauer. My goal was to buy pants for the summer, but I ended up getting a few tops as well. And (drumroll please!) I was able to stuff myself into a pair of size 12 pants at Bass. However, I'm not into wearing things that uncomfortably tight so they weren't purchased.

I did my final C25K week four run this morning. My allergies have been killing me over the past few days, and so I stopped a little early (about 20 seconds) on my first five minute run. But the rest of the time, I pushed through and my last five minute run rocked. Part of it was that I was running down an incline rather than up (which is what happens at the beginning of my run), but the other part was that it was my last week four run and I wanted to kick some ass. I do have to admit that the 20 minute run at the end of Week Five is intimidating me a bit. But, if I can't get through it next Thursday, I'll just try it again before I move onto Week Six.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Life Ain't A Track Meet, It's A Marathon

This will serve as my HYC check-in as well.

Hi everyone! I can’t believe it’s been since Friday that I’ve posted here. It’s kind of weird, because I have this routine where I go to the gym in the morning, work out, and check in here while drinking my morning cup of joe. Which, technically, is what I’m doing right now, except I’m typing this up in Word and then will later post it in Blogger when I’m at Panera checking my email for the first time since Friday. It is so freeing to be detached from work while I’m away, but it becomes so apparent how addicted I am to the internet and email.

So… I admit readily that I haven’t been completely on program since I’ve come home. Saturday was my cousin’s college graduation, and we went out to eat afterward at Lonestar Steakhouse. I decided to splurge… I had some ribs with mashed potatoes, some hot artichoke and spinach dip (my favorite! Haven’t had it in ages!), and a REALLY big peach margarita. It’s funny because now that I’m being very public and forward with my weight loss, people are like, I don’t want to see on your blog that you’ve gained weight! Well, one week won’t kill me, and I’ll just get back on track next week while I’m at home. I’ve also had pasta, chocolate, Chinese… things I usually don’t eat. And it all tastes so good, but again, it’s really obvious how my eating habits have changed, because I can’t put away as much food as I had in the past.

So, yes, I’m splurging. But spending time with some of my relatives back home makes me realize how important it is to indulge once in a while. One of my aunts has battled weight issues for as long as she’s been on this earth. Recently, she’s not only quit smoking but she’s also gotten a knee replacement. And during this time, she’s gained some weight, which is to be expected, especially since she quit smoking. She is convinced that she can only lose weight if she goes on this crazy diet that consists of hot dogs, red beets, cottage cheese, and other random items that are healthy, but at the same time, she seriously can’t be hitting 1000 calories. Of course you’re going to lose weight! But you’re also going to gain it right back if you stop eating in this restrictive way. So, while you might be hearing me tell you on Saturday that I’ve gained some weight this week, that’s fine, because I know with good eating and exercise, those pounds will peel off. I admit that I’ve tried this ridiculous diet that my aunt does (I think it’s called the Cleveland Clinic Diet… you have to wonder if a clinic really came up with that), I only lasted about three days on it. It is no way to live.

While my eating may be off track, I’m doing FABULOUS when it comes to exercise. Sunday was my first day on Week Four of C25K. This week, after your five minute warm up, you run for three minutes, walk for 90 seconds, run for five minutes, and then recover for two and a half minutes before you repeat the whole interval. For some reason, both on Sunday and today when I did day two, my first three minute run kind of winded me, but by the time I got onto the five minute run, I had recovered enough to be okay for the rest of it. So, tada! I fairly easily completed two out of the three days of Week Four. I realized this week is the first week where the running and the walking is pretty well split. It’s amazing to realize how my body has changed, not so much physically, but endurance wise. I can’t believe that a month ago, I was barely making it through 60 second running/90 second walking intervals, but now I’m running for five minutes straight, and on a whole sixteen minutes in a 30 minute workout. I also think that it was hard to adjust to street running after running for a week on the treadmill. My hometown isn’t flat, but at the same time it isn’t hilly. But the tiniest incline can really wind you if you aren’t used to it. Yesterday, we were hit with that horribly cold nor’easter, so I ended up doing Jillian’s Kickboxing video and the 2-mile Walk Away the Pounds.

Well… that’s my week up until now. I’m going outlet shopping tomorrow (need to get some new size 14s to replace my size 20s!) and on Thursday I’m meeting some high school friends for Mexican and margaritas (yum!) and I believe Friday night will be spent taking in the new Narnia movie. I can’t believe how this week is flying by and that I will soon be driving the five hours back to my current home and my job. I guess I’ve never gotten over that my mom’s house is my home, and that this town will always be my hometown, regardless of how long it has been that I haven’t lived here and that I’m only “visiting”.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Weekly Weigh-In: SCORE!!!!!

I'm weighing in a bit early because I'm heading home to my mom's for the next week for a little R&R after finals. My mom doesn't have internet (I know, I know) so unless I can find my way to Panera over the next week, there will be limited updates.

That being said: I lost 1.2 pounds this week! Which also means I lost 20.8 pounds this semester!!!! I was concerned back in March that I wouldn't be able to meet my mini-goal of 20 pounds gone in one semester, but I pushed it out at the end here. I'm also posting my weight-loss chart (yes, I'm a stats dork, sue me). Every time I hear of someone getting frustrated with a gain, I keep reminding myself that weight loss is an overall trend... we don't lose every week. Instead, there are gains and losses. You can check mine out below.

Gymwise... I finished Week Three of C25K. I have to say the last day was the hardest one. It was like I didn't even want to be there, let alone run. But I pushed through it (almost literally at the end... I wanted to quit SOOOO bad). Next week, I'm going to street running at home, and trying to bump up to 5 minutes at a time. Wish me luck! E and I also tried out a new class at the gym last night, Power Pump. Basically, it was an all-over toning class, using weights, a weighted bar, ankle weights (more on those in a bit), and the balance ball. One of the girls in our class requested that we work our arms and abs more, so that's what we ended up doing... not to many squats or lunges, which was disappointing. But we know for next time to speak up and say what we want! So, the first half of class was arm work, which I love. I'm horribly self-conscious of my triceps aka my flab, so I really like to work that part. Today, I feel a bit sore in my shoulders and in the muscles that kind of outline my armpits on the front of my body (near my chest). But that's probably because I don't work those muscles too much.

So, date #2 was on Wednesday night and it went okay... I'm beginning to realize that dating as an adult is a lot different than dating in college or grad school. I seriously don't know ANYTHING about this guy, whereas with my other two serious boyfriends (one of whom I ended up marrying) I knew about them because I had classes with them. So, alot of this "adult" dating is really getting to know someone before you can pass a judgement on them. I thought we both had a good time, but... I don't really know him, and I guess that's what I'm hung up on.

I hope you all have a good weekend, and I promise to make my way to Panera sometime next week so I can catch up with all your blogs and update my own :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


There was no fat pinching. She has one of those electromagnetic machines that measure your fat composition, but we didn't do it today. That'll be next time. Fun!

Catching Up

Today I've been a bit off... woke up super early (6:30), did some laundry that early (which I NEVER do), and went to the gym at 8:30 for my fitness assessment. Not to mention that I just finished grading a set of exams. More on my assessment later, but that's why I didn't blog yet today, while I usually do with my morning coffee.

Last night, E and I went to kickboxing for the first time. Okay, E's been there before, it was the first time for me. There were five of us in the class, E and me, two blonde girls who seemed like regulars, and a middle aged dude who was also a regular. First off, there was no warm up. I felt like we started jumping around as soon as the instructor put the music on. Second, her kickboxing routines were a bit ... unbalanced? Uncoordinated? It surprised me that she had a routine planned and it just didn't flow right. Even the regulars were thrown by it. Then, we did circuits across the floor... frog leaps into a squat, shuffles as we jabbed and crossed our way across the room, and then 25 sit ups on a balance ball. That was killer. THEN... we did an abs circuit, where we partnered up, and did crunches, then sit ups with a medicine ball, tossing it back and forth with our partner, and then reverse curls with our partner pushing our feet back to the ground. E went first (thanks for taking one for the team!) and I couldn't believe that she was having a hard time with it. Then it was my turn... holy crap. My abs never hurt so much. I'm actually surprised that I'm not that sore today, but still... that was KILLER. I guess we could chalk it up to "no pain, no gain" but I'm still not convinced. Overall, I give the class a B.

My fitness assessment was rescheduled for this morning, so I showed up at the gym and met Ginger, my trainer. Ginger seems like a pretty cool chick, so I'm happy that I didn't get a Barbie Doll type of trainer. We started off by talking about my fitness goals, what I want to do (I said lose 60 pounds by early 2009... that seems so far off, doesn't it?), and then she took my BP, which was high. As in crazy high. Okay, it's finals week, I have date #2 tonight, and I'm worried about getting my fat pinched. She retook it multiple times and still very very high. We still worked out, but she suggested that I go see my GP sometime in the next week to get it rechecked. Lovely. So, we start by doing a flexibility test (passed), a strength/endurance test (basically, so many crunches in beat with a metronome for a minute-- passed), and then my cardio test. I chose to do the walking test, which was to walk a mile as fast as you can. I came in at about 13:45, which put me in the "good" category. Ginger told me that I was 14 seconds off being in the "excellent" category. Blah! That sucks. I'm meeting with her again in two weeks (I can't next week because I'm going to my mom's house for a little R&R) to set up a fitness routine.

Gotta head to the office. I spent most of the morning grading from home. Now I need to go in and enter grades. Does the fun ever stop around here :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

HYC Tuesday Check In

Wow, I've been blogging a lot this week, so .... I guess I'll just summarize here.

My weigh-ins are on Saturday. I lost 1.4 lbs, which brings me to a total of 41.2 pounds gone!

I've stepped up my exercise. Since May 1st, I've done close to 300 minutes of cardio (297 if you want to be precise!). That doesn't include my ab workout for Swizzlepop's challenge as well as my weight routine for my arms, chest, and back.

Foodwise, I've gone back to salads for lunch, which help to keep me on track with the weight loss as well as reach my goal of five to six fruits and veggies a day.

Hope everyone else has a great week :)

4.5 MPH

I've decided that I'm a slowpoke. That, and I'm deathly afraid of tripping or flying off the back of the treadmill. So, that's what I set my treadmill at for my C25K intervals. I asked my friend R what she runs at, and she told me in the 5MPH range, and I was like, oh, so I'm a slowpoke. This morning when I did my second day of C25K week three, I decided to bump it up to 4.7 MPH, and I think I'll increase it a bit on Thursday when I do my last week of week three. I'm kind of suprised as well as pleased with my progress on C25K. Who ever thought that I'd be able to jog like this? Yay me!

So, what happened with my fitness assessment yesterday? Well... nothing. My appointment was for 7:30AM, at which I dragged my butt into the gym only to find there was a scheduling mix up at the front desk and that there was no trainer there for me. Then they wanted to know if I was willing to wait 30 minutes for someone to come in. Since I couldn't really do anything other than sit there and watch TV, I said that I'd rather reschedule. So tomorrow, at 8:30, I will be back, in my freshly laundered pink shorts to get my fat pinched. Sorry for the anti-climatic story guys, but I'm sure I'll have a better one tomorrow!

E and I are going kickboxing tonight! Can I just say how much I love kickboxing? I've always loved Tae Bo, the Jillian Michaels cardio kickboxing, and even the elements that Bob brings in during the Biggest Loser videos. But I've never been to a real live kickboxing class before. Wish us luck!

And thanks for all the well-wishes with my forays into dating. It is a lot different this time around, as I'm not 21 anymore, but... funny enough... I'm in better shape now than when I was 21. That gives me a lot more self-confidence. And, Date #2 is tomorrow night.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Chill guys!

I can't believe how many comments and emails I've gotten about my first date yesterday. All I have to say is that it went great, and I've already gotten an email about a second date later this week :) Yay me! I'll write more about my morning at the gym (grr...) later tonight.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lotsa Random Thoughts

1) I seriously haven't worn a pair of shorts in three or four years. Actually, two years ago when I moved up here, I donated all my shorts to the goodwill, because I couldn't fit in my Plus Size 18s or 20s and I didn't want to move up to 22s. Well... tomorrow, I'm going for a fitness assessment at my gym. I'm crazy nervous about it. First off, I'm worried about the calipers. I don't need some former army drill sargent (who is SUPER cute) to tell me how much fat I have on my body. I have a pretty good idea of it, thank you VERY much. Second, they ask us to wear shorts. Oh, crap. I don't DO shorts. My thighs are awful, and they are actually my #1 hated body part (I can take the belly fat, but thighs, ug). So, when deciding to buy shorts or not, I had two visions in my mind. The first was of me in a pair of capris and cute drill sargent not being able to pinch my fat, which is fine by me, but probably not fine with him. The second vision was of me being a big girl and bucking up to buy a pair of athletic shorts, letting him pinch my fat, and then putting those shorts away until I feel comfortable wearing them again. The second vision won. I went to Dick's today and bought a CUTE pair of pink athletic shorts that even have a little liner on the inside to make me feel comfortable. They will be worn tomorrow, when I'm humiliated with a set of calipers. Lovely. At least I'll be in pink.

2) I did Week Three of C25K today for the first time... and I ran 3 minutes straight!!! Yay me!! The cycle is to do the interval twice, and on the second 3 minute run, I was a bit distracted (more on that later) and almost quit at the 2.5 minute mark. But I kept going. I'm so proud of myself. I am dying to try it again to see if I can handle it, but I know, I know... I need a rest day.

3) So, why was I so distracted on my second run? Because I'm the biggest klutz ever, that's why. Remember my fear of falling off the back of the treadmill? Well it almost happened today. Thank heavens there were only two people there to witness it, and they were both old ladies. Okay... so I did my first interval, ran three whole minutes and thought to myself, I could really use a drink while I do my three minute recovery walk. So, I pick up the water bottle and start to drink, except, with my bounce, I don't get to drink, and I spill water on myself. Okay, well, I can just jump off the treadmill like I saw them do it on Biggest Loser. Um... DON'T EVER TRY DOING THAT WITH AN OPEN BOTTLE OF WATER. I put one foot on the side, and the other one (don't ask how this happened) just stayed on the belt, going back back back, I start panicking and finally (again, don't ask) I end up with both feet on the side bars, water is EVERYWHERE, and I'm exclaiming "Jesus!" under my breath. So, I have to stop my run, wipe the water up that I spilled everywhere, and continue my run. Note to self: Don't drink while running. If you were outside, you couldn't do it. When you're in a 5K, you won't be able to do it. Just keep going. Forget the water bottle!!!!

4) I kind of wish that my crazy neighbor would realize that I've heard her on the phone all morning. Before I left for mass... and now three hours later, she's still calling her friends and telling them how "f*cked up" she was last night. I do have to give her props... she still sounded drunk at 10AM. Now at 1, not so much. Couldn't she go take a nap and give a girl some peace??

5) I'll be leaving in a few minutes to go on my first "date" since getting divorced. I wasn't ready to date for a while, but now I've decided why not? It's probably better not to put it off any longer! I was laughing with a friend yesterday about it and told him that this is my first date in seven years (which was when I met my ex)... I don't know if I should be excited or depressed about that. His response: Just think, it's one more thing for you to cross off the list. I also think that's why I've been so off today (the water and the treadmill, knocking a guy in church on the back of the head with my bulletin... let's hope it stops there). Wish me luck that I don't spill water over the poor guy at lunch!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Thoughts from a New Gym Rat

I've gone to the gym everyday since I've joined. Okay, that makes it the past three days, but still. I joined my last gym because a friend of mine wanted to do yoga and pilates, and I said, eh, sure, but quit going about four months after that. So, three days in a row is huge, but we also know that I've been working out for the past six months (!!) steadily, so maybe not that huge of a deal. This morning, my body woke me up at 7:30, which is my usual rise and shine. I had breakfast, updated my blog, went to run some errands, and then got to the gym at 9:40. My class didn't start until 10, so I did some eliptical for 12 minutes (that's how long it took for me to get to a mile, so that's where I stopped). I figured that was a good warm up for my Bosu sculpt class. Confession: I've never been on a Bosu trainer. My friend E has one at her apartment, but I've just seen it, not asked to stand on it. Same thing when I go to Dick's-- I eye it warily, and walk in the other direction. So, I grew a pair today, and decided to try it out. Well, holy moley... that thing is TOUGH. I got cramps in my foot from trying to consciously grip my feet (um, my shoes were on, duh), so I kept having to jump off of it until my feet got back to normal and I was able to get back on there without the subconscious foot scrunching. We did lunges, squats, and leg lifts using the Bosu, and then, we did weights while standing on top of it. I don't think I've ever been so sweaty before. But you know what? It was a GREAT workout. That teacher (who was a guy! never had a guy instructor before) is definitely on my list of people whose classes I like. And it was a great start to my day. I went to vote early in my state's primary (since I will be out of town for the actual primary day) and also noticed there was a farmers' market downtown. Now, I've heard about the farmers' market before, but I've never been to it. And right now, there isn't much to look at because it's the beginning of the season, but at the same time... awesome! I know where it is, I know when it is... there is no reason I shouldn't be buying local this summer. Now... what to do at the gym tomorrow? :)

Weekly Weigh In

I lost 1.8 pounds this week! What's great is that I'm 0.6 pounds lighter than what I was before last week's gain. It also means that if I lose just 0.4 pounds over the coming week, I will have officially lost 20 pounds this semester! I'm kind of excited about that goal. Each semester is about four months long, so 20 pounds in four months is a doable goal. I think looking back over this semester, with all its ups and downs and unexpected occurrences, THAT'S real life. You don't lose 2 pounds each week, and it's kind of hard to be disappointed when that doesn't happen. That's life. I also can't believe that I'm less than 10 pounds away from hitting the 50 pounds lost mark. That is exciting indeed!

Yesterday at the gym, I gave C25K Week Two one last go. I start Week Three tomorrow, and I'm kind of worried. It's walk for 90 seconds, run for 90, walk for three minutes, RUN for THREE MINUTES. Panic! Panic! I wonder if I'll be able to make it all the way through. Yesterday was also the first day that I've EVER run on a treadmill. I was so worried about it, and I was really conscious about not getting near the end of the belt. But I did it! It was great. One thing I'm trying to get used to is that at my gym, all the cardio machines face each other, like in a big square. There I was, huffing and puffing through my run intervals, and I felt I had an audience. It was definitely weird, but I know they weren't watching me. I just gotta get used to it!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

My eating habits

Okay, so on my daily perusal of what's been going on in my favorite weight loss blogs, I came across this questionaire twice. So, I thought I'd give it a go. I've been reading "Intuitive Eating" and it's helping me to be honest about how I eat, what I eat, and when I eat, so I'll be honest about it here as well.

1. What types of food were you most likely to overeat? Chips, candy, ice cream, cookies... anything "snacky"

2. What times of day did you overeat most often? After 8PM. I have a hard time at night not watching TV and eating at the same time. The other night I bought a bag of "natural" white cheddar cheetos, and ate about 1/2 of the bag while watching Workout (how ironic) and American Idol. When I realized what I was doing, I put it in the trash can. It's seriously an unconscious effort.

3. What feelings were you having most often when you overate? While I was overeating, I was bored. I probably didn't even need to be eating, but that's what I ended up doing. After I overate, I felt physically ill, probably because I was too full as well as the guilt associated with what I did.

4. Do you think you have a binge eating disorder? Yes, definitely. Why can't I control myself when I want a little snack? Why do I have to eat and eat and eat at times. I think I've come to this realization over the past few months.

5. What circumstances in your life do you believe contributed to your weight gain? Going to grad school, hanging with the guys and eating ridiculous amounts of food at lunch and dinner along with lots o' beer, allowing myself to be "too busy" with school and teaching in order to excuse myself from exercising or eating right.

6. Do you 'blame' anyone for your weight? I blame myself, obviously, because I was the one who put the food in my mouth and didn't exercise. But I also partly blame my ex, because when I was on the road to losing weight a few years ago (I was doing WW and losing), he told me that the dinners I was cooking were starving him (yeah, right) and insisted on buying tons of crap for himself even though he knew I was having a hard time with self-control. Now that I live by myself, I don't buy crap (except for the occasional indulgence) and it helps me out. So, I'd say 75% me, 25% him.

7. What other behaviors made you overweight? I think I'm lazy sometimes. I say that I'm "too busy" to exercise or cook right, but then I'll come home and veg in front of the tube. I also think that I have a hard hard time with self-control, at home and in social settings.

8. Were you active or exercising while you gained weight? Nope. Ever since I quit dancing at 16, I really never exercised. And if you look at my weight gain through college (up to about 195) and then through graduate school (up to 230-240), I wasn't moving my butt at all. In my conscious effort to lose now, I've made exercise a part of it. I know that it's not the key to losing weight, but it does make me stay accountable.

9. What made you finally want to change? I left my ex. I was tired of being fat, tired of being told that I had a pretty face, tired of not having dated much before I met my ex because I was so fat. I was also tired of having high blood pressure in my mid (and I guess now late) 20s. I was tired of doctors telling me that I was at risk for diabetes, stroke, heart disease, etc. At one point while I was married, I was worried about not being able to get pregnant. And, quite honestly, I was sick of shopping at Lane Bryant. I wanted to shop at the Gap and Ann Taylor. And you know what? Now I can :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The Good: I did it. I joined the gym. I even worked out there tonight. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical. It made me giggle because the last time I joined a gym was about four years ago. I remember being on the elliptical at that point and not being able to last for even 10 minutes. But tonight I did 30!! I rock. By the end of my cool down, I had done about 2.9 miles. Unbelievable!! What's even better is that I took my measurements tonight... and I lost a total of FOUR inches from last month! Woo! What made me especially happy is that I lost an inch in my arms. That (along with my mid-section) is my trouble spot, and I hadn't lost a millimeter in my arms since the beginning of March. And now a whole inch!

The Bad: I ate so wrong today, it was unbelievable. I volunteered to help with President Clinton's appearance on campus today (I heart Bill), and so last night, I couldn't get to sleep because I was so excited. I think I finally fell asleep around 1:30AM. Then I had to get up at 6AM, so I could be on campus by 7AM. I didn't eat a thing, but I threw a Fiber One bar in my pocket for when I got hungry. I didn't get hungry until about 10AM. Seriously. Then I was ravenous, and I munched through my Fiber One bar like it was the last edible thing on earth. I went home to change (did I mention that it rained from about 7:15 until 9:15??) and decided just to eat there before I headed back to school. I had a bowl of Tuscan Bean soup, a pickle, and a banana. I think following the pickle with a banana was SUCH a bad idea. Went back to school, and had a diet Coke. Oh, and four pretzel rods from D's desk. Came home, went to the gym, came back home, did my ab workout, took a shower, started some laundry and FINALLY at 9PM, had dinner. A tuna pita, with soy chips, and a pickle (notice a trend here??). Didn't get my water in for the day, ate barely anything.... let's hope to a normal day tomorrow.

The Ugly: I decided to take up Swizzlepop's Exercise Challenge for May. Unfortuntely (or maybe fortunately), the other bloggers decided to vote for abs. You guys know how much my abs, specifically, my tummy, has been bugging me. So, I signed myself up for lots of ab work this month. I did my first workout tonight and oy! I thought I was going to die. I think reverse crunches were invented by the devil himself. What's even worse is that I took a "before" shot of my belly... and it's so bad I'm not going to share it with you until there is an "after" picture! I'm not kidding!! My belly is the bane of my existence, well at least my physical existance. I hope this exercise challenge helps to get me on board at the gym as well as on the road to a flat stomach!