Tuesday, May 6, 2008

HYC Tuesday Check In

Wow, I've been blogging a lot this week, so .... I guess I'll just summarize here.

My weigh-ins are on Saturday. I lost 1.4 lbs, which brings me to a total of 41.2 pounds gone!

I've stepped up my exercise. Since May 1st, I've done close to 300 minutes of cardio (297 if you want to be precise!). That doesn't include my ab workout for Swizzlepop's challenge as well as my weight routine for my arms, chest, and back.

Foodwise, I've gone back to salads for lunch, which help to keep me on track with the weight loss as well as reach my goal of five to six fruits and veggies a day.

Hope everyone else has a great week :)


tru2me said...

Way to go on the C25K!

betsy said...

congrats on your loss... I can see such progress from your photos... way to go!

welcome to the HYC! :-)

Lynn said...

WOW, you look great! Welcome to the healthy you challenge, it's always good to see new faces!

I'll be coming back to read more of your blog later, right now I'm trying to check in with all the new people ;-) busy busy!

Donna said...

Way to go on losing this week and exercising A LOT! :) You rock!

sybil said...

I second the WOW.....the difference in your photos is amazing.

Congrats on the loss this week and especially on the c25k and gym work. That is fabulous.

Irene said...


I just found your blog through HYC. You have done terrificly (sp?). I am gonna add you to my blog roll, if that's ok.

Anonymous said...

Alright! You're doing great!

c said...

300 minutes of cardio? You rock! I need to start paying better attention to my fruits and veggies too.

MsPpod said...

Impressive. Way to go on the weight loss and the exercise challenge. I love Swizzlepop's challenges- they help so much!. Enjoy your R&R time next week.