Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mr. Crew and Ms. Taylor

Yesterday, I went outlet shopping with my mom. At first, I was kind of worried. What if I STILL couldn't find anything to wear in these stores? And then I said, eh, it is SO not worth worrying about. The first store that we went into was J. Crew. I have NEVER owned anything from J. Crew. My roommate from freshman year used to order from there all the time, but then again, she was a size six. Went in, pulled a couple size 14 capris from the tables and walls and tried them on. The first pair was too small, but that's because it was a closer cut. The second pair fit just right... mainly because they weren't a classic cut, but a more roomier cut. So, I now own my first pair of J. Crew pants! This was the trend for the rest of the day... Gap, Ann Taylor (another store that I never bought anything at before!), and Eddie Bauer. My goal was to buy pants for the summer, but I ended up getting a few tops as well. And (drumroll please!) I was able to stuff myself into a pair of size 12 pants at Bass. However, I'm not into wearing things that uncomfortably tight so they weren't purchased.

I did my final C25K week four run this morning. My allergies have been killing me over the past few days, and so I stopped a little early (about 20 seconds) on my first five minute run. But the rest of the time, I pushed through and my last five minute run rocked. Part of it was that I was running down an incline rather than up (which is what happens at the beginning of my run), but the other part was that it was my last week four run and I wanted to kick some ass. I do have to admit that the 20 minute run at the end of Week Five is intimidating me a bit. But, if I can't get through it next Thursday, I'll just try it again before I move onto Week Six.


Lynn said...


I know what you mean, looking forward to next week in the C25K. I had to repeat Week 1 because of illness and injury, but I'm looking at week 2 now going "90 seconds? ARGH!"

Good work! (I won't say Good Luck, because Luck's got NOTHING to do with it!)

Robyn said...

Its allergy city here in the valley - I've been miserable with them all week!

Manuela said...

I felt the same way about the 20 minute run. I thought "no way!" But, I ran with the wind and my mp3player and forced myself NOT to look at my watch. When I finally did, 13 minutes had gone by!

Now I'm doing the half hour relatively comfortably (week 9). Lose 80 Pounds said...

Don't you love shopping at "regular" stores?? I haven't been inside a New York & Co for at least 8 years because I was afraid my butt and boobs wouldn't fit in anything they had....but I went there last Tuesday for a pair of pants and their 14s fit! =) I tried on pants at 3 other places and 14s fit there, too, so it wasn't a fluke! One place the 14 was even too big...but the 12s were way tight.

I plan to meet Ms. Taylor when we're in Chicago and possibly Ms. Macy, too. ; )

Congrats on your shopping excursion!

Anonymous said...

It's fun fitting into clothes from a store yoiu never could before. One of my goals is to get into a size Medium in Forever 21.