Friday, May 30, 2008

I carried a watermelon?!?!

Yesterday, I had a crappy day in general. Aunt Flo is in for a visit, and (sorry if TMI) I get the worst cramps and gas when I have my period. I was seriously uncomfortable in my office, so I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon working from home. Going home, all I wanted to do was drive to Kroger and get a pint of Ben and Jerry's. I also needed a grapefruit and banana for today's meals. So, I started in the produce aisle, hoping that would keep me away from Ben and Jerry land. I found a tiny watermelon... a personal organic watermelon just for me. There are a lot of things that I miss now that I'm single again, and one of those is cooking big meals (risotto anyone?) which you can't really do as a single and the other is buying watermelons. I'm sorry, but I can't put away a whole watermelon by myself unless I plan on turning bright pink! So, this "personal" watermelon was great for me. I spent the rest of the afternoon munch on 1/4 of the watermelon and watching the series finale of Sex and the City in order to prepare for the movie that I'm going to see this afternoon. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about it. Speaking of, need a good upbeat song to work out to? I've been listening to the SATC movie soundtrack, and I love Fergie's new song Labels or Love. It's a great song to run to, but I think the whole album would be great to load onto your IPod for the gym. Or maybe I'm just that much of a SATC-phile :) Have a good Friday everyone!!

PS... I conquered C25K week six day two... two intervals of 10 minute runs with a 3 minute walk in between. This is my last day of intervals. I can't believe I'm here already! Sunday will be another attempt at a clean 25 minute run. The one thing that I am getting really annoyed with at the gym are my headphones. I have those little earbuds that came with my Ipod, but my ears are really really small, so if I get a bit sweaty, they pop out. I bought some earphones that fit around and behind your ears, thinking that it would stay in better... um, my ears are too small for those too!!! So, I think I need to regress back to the so uncool version of the headband earphones. I think those are the only ones that will stay in and allow me to enjoy my run without having to shove my earbuds back in my ears when they fall out.

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Shanna said...

About headphones- I have small ears, too (or at least small ear holes), so the standard ear buds fit in my ears, but after about 10 minutes they start to hurt. So I bit the bullet and bought some of the really tiny kind with the squishy pads around them. My set came with 3 different sizes (I use the smallest one), and they feel soooo much better than regular buds. These are similar to the kind I have, although several brands have a similar model:

On a separate note, another great "toy" that I just bought and love is the Nike+ipod. It has a sensor that goes in your shoe (or in a little pouch on top of your shoe if your like me and too cheap to fork out $100 for brand new Nike+ compatible shoes), and a receiver that attaches to your ipod nano (it only works with nano, though). It's like a fancy pedometer that tracks your time, distance, calories, and pace (but only costs $30). You can see most of the info on the screen as you walk/jog/run, and can get audio feedback as well. Plus, you can upload your data and track it online. Talk about motivation. It's great, and I would recommend it to anyone (well, anyone that has an ipod nano, or is willing to buy one)!!

Anyway, I love reading your blog, and congratulate you for your dedication and for how far you've come. Keep it up, and keep inspiring all of us who read. = ) (I don't have a blog yet, but hope to start one, soon).