Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lotsa Random Thoughts

1) I seriously haven't worn a pair of shorts in three or four years. Actually, two years ago when I moved up here, I donated all my shorts to the goodwill, because I couldn't fit in my Plus Size 18s or 20s and I didn't want to move up to 22s. Well... tomorrow, I'm going for a fitness assessment at my gym. I'm crazy nervous about it. First off, I'm worried about the calipers. I don't need some former army drill sargent (who is SUPER cute) to tell me how much fat I have on my body. I have a pretty good idea of it, thank you VERY much. Second, they ask us to wear shorts. Oh, crap. I don't DO shorts. My thighs are awful, and they are actually my #1 hated body part (I can take the belly fat, but thighs, ug). So, when deciding to buy shorts or not, I had two visions in my mind. The first was of me in a pair of capris and cute drill sargent not being able to pinch my fat, which is fine by me, but probably not fine with him. The second vision was of me being a big girl and bucking up to buy a pair of athletic shorts, letting him pinch my fat, and then putting those shorts away until I feel comfortable wearing them again. The second vision won. I went to Dick's today and bought a CUTE pair of pink athletic shorts that even have a little liner on the inside to make me feel comfortable. They will be worn tomorrow, when I'm humiliated with a set of calipers. Lovely. At least I'll be in pink.

2) I did Week Three of C25K today for the first time... and I ran 3 minutes straight!!! Yay me!! The cycle is to do the interval twice, and on the second 3 minute run, I was a bit distracted (more on that later) and almost quit at the 2.5 minute mark. But I kept going. I'm so proud of myself. I am dying to try it again to see if I can handle it, but I know, I know... I need a rest day.

3) So, why was I so distracted on my second run? Because I'm the biggest klutz ever, that's why. Remember my fear of falling off the back of the treadmill? Well it almost happened today. Thank heavens there were only two people there to witness it, and they were both old ladies. Okay... so I did my first interval, ran three whole minutes and thought to myself, I could really use a drink while I do my three minute recovery walk. So, I pick up the water bottle and start to drink, except, with my bounce, I don't get to drink, and I spill water on myself. Okay, well, I can just jump off the treadmill like I saw them do it on Biggest Loser. Um... DON'T EVER TRY DOING THAT WITH AN OPEN BOTTLE OF WATER. I put one foot on the side, and the other one (don't ask how this happened) just stayed on the belt, going back back back, I start panicking and finally (again, don't ask) I end up with both feet on the side bars, water is EVERYWHERE, and I'm exclaiming "Jesus!" under my breath. So, I have to stop my run, wipe the water up that I spilled everywhere, and continue my run. Note to self: Don't drink while running. If you were outside, you couldn't do it. When you're in a 5K, you won't be able to do it. Just keep going. Forget the water bottle!!!!

4) I kind of wish that my crazy neighbor would realize that I've heard her on the phone all morning. Before I left for mass... and now three hours later, she's still calling her friends and telling them how "f*cked up" she was last night. I do have to give her props... she still sounded drunk at 10AM. Now at 1, not so much. Couldn't she go take a nap and give a girl some peace??

5) I'll be leaving in a few minutes to go on my first "date" since getting divorced. I wasn't ready to date for a while, but now I've decided why not? It's probably better not to put it off any longer! I was laughing with a friend yesterday about it and told him that this is my first date in seven years (which was when I met my ex)... I don't know if I should be excited or depressed about that. His response: Just think, it's one more thing for you to cross off the list. I also think that's why I've been so off today (the water and the treadmill, knocking a guy in church on the back of the head with my bulletin... let's hope it stops there). Wish me luck that I don't spill water over the poor guy at lunch!


Erin said...

First of all, I love your random posts! I hope everything goes well with sargeant cutie. Dont sweat about the shorts.. remember when you said you were concerned everyone at the gym was looking at you when they really weren't? Its probably the same thing with the shorts, no one will notice except you. Your friend is right about the date.. your first date after the divorce will be over and not something to stress about! Good luck!

MommaK said...

You are doing great! Keep up the good work.

C, I glossed over the comment you made to me about changes, and then again when you mentioned your "ex". Ok, so now I saw it in black & white. I don't quite know how to respond except to say that you seem happy now, and I certainly hope that I am right about that, and that you continue with your success; in all respects.

Best of luck with everything.

Brittany said...

I don't wear shorts either. Except if I'm in the privacy of my own home on the treadmill. And makes everything so much better! LOL! My new running shoes are pink. My watch is pink. My gym bag is pink. I tried to buy some pink shorts but they didn't have any. So I bought some tank tops instead. :) Good luck on the assessment!

You totally sound like me on the treadmill!! I never remember that I can't drink and use it at the same time and end up dumping water on myself or flying into my wall. And I wonder why I'm scared to let go of the handles. I've mastered the technique of putting one foot on each of the rails and "straddling", for lack of a better, the treadmill. That's the only time I can drink.

Good luck on your date!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my Blog! I don't do shorts either, but looking forward to when I can wear them! Good Luck on your C25K. Hope you date went well!

One Sweet Shannon said...

Wearing shorts again is one of my longterm goals. For now, not so much.

I hope you had a fun time on your date!