Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Catching Up

Today I've been a bit off... woke up super early (6:30), did some laundry that early (which I NEVER do), and went to the gym at 8:30 for my fitness assessment. Not to mention that I just finished grading a set of exams. More on my assessment later, but that's why I didn't blog yet today, while I usually do with my morning coffee.

Last night, E and I went to kickboxing for the first time. Okay, E's been there before, it was the first time for me. There were five of us in the class, E and me, two blonde girls who seemed like regulars, and a middle aged dude who was also a regular. First off, there was no warm up. I felt like we started jumping around as soon as the instructor put the music on. Second, her kickboxing routines were a bit ... unbalanced? Uncoordinated? It surprised me that she had a routine planned and it just didn't flow right. Even the regulars were thrown by it. Then, we did circuits across the floor... frog leaps into a squat, shuffles as we jabbed and crossed our way across the room, and then 25 sit ups on a balance ball. That was killer. THEN... we did an abs circuit, where we partnered up, and did crunches, then sit ups with a medicine ball, tossing it back and forth with our partner, and then reverse curls with our partner pushing our feet back to the ground. E went first (thanks for taking one for the team!) and I couldn't believe that she was having a hard time with it. Then it was my turn... holy crap. My abs never hurt so much. I'm actually surprised that I'm not that sore today, but still... that was KILLER. I guess we could chalk it up to "no pain, no gain" but I'm still not convinced. Overall, I give the class a B.

My fitness assessment was rescheduled for this morning, so I showed up at the gym and met Ginger, my trainer. Ginger seems like a pretty cool chick, so I'm happy that I didn't get a Barbie Doll type of trainer. We started off by talking about my fitness goals, what I want to do (I said lose 60 pounds by early 2009... that seems so far off, doesn't it?), and then she took my BP, which was high. As in crazy high. Okay, it's finals week, I have date #2 tonight, and I'm worried about getting my fat pinched. She retook it multiple times and still very very high. We still worked out, but she suggested that I go see my GP sometime in the next week to get it rechecked. Lovely. So, we start by doing a flexibility test (passed), a strength/endurance test (basically, so many crunches in beat with a metronome for a minute-- passed), and then my cardio test. I chose to do the walking test, which was to walk a mile as fast as you can. I came in at about 13:45, which put me in the "good" category. Ginger told me that I was 14 seconds off being in the "excellent" category. Blah! That sucks. I'm meeting with her again in two weeks (I can't next week because I'm going to my mom's house for a little R&R) to set up a fitness routine.

Gotta head to the office. I spent most of the morning grading from home. Now I need to go in and enter grades. Does the fun ever stop around here :)


Felicia said...

WOW busy busy!! Good luck with the assessment! Glad to hear there is no fat pinching LOL.


ptg said...

Got here from the Nest - just wanted to say CONGRATS on being so focused towards the weightloss and getting your life re-started in the best way possible! I am also trying to get in shape & lose weight and am reading your blog with glee. :o) Good luck on your second date - I'm sure it's going to go fab!

c said...

That workout makes me tired just thinking about it!

Hope you get your BP figured out. I would go next week after everything calms down.