Monday, May 26, 2008

What I Did on my Staycation

First off, Happy Memorial Day to all my US readers. I hope between the hot dogs and pasta salad, we are able to remember what this day is really about: the troops. Regardless if you agree with their job or not, keep in mind that without them, there would be a lot more for us to be concerned about rather than just ketchup or mustard on our hot dogs.

Something on this morning totally caught my eye: the idea of a staycation. And here, I thought I was just a loser who couldn't afford to drive back home (five hours each way) to see my family for the weekend five days after she returned from visiting her family. Oh, and the fact that all my friends here decided to go do other things for the weekend other than hang around (okay, I am a bit jealous of that!). But I couldn't just get up and leave. I'm teaching a six week summer session, which means teaching everyday. So, not only did I have to teach on Friday, but I also have to teach on Tuesday too. So, CNN has made it officially cool to hang around town on a long weekend... coining the term "staycation". Something tells me I'm going to be taking a lot of these over the next few years!

So, what have I been up to? Yesterday, I actually did some work. Scary, right? After mass, I went to Starbucks and edited a paper that I'm going to send out for publication. Then, while I was doing laundry, I wrote in my journal on my deck (one of my new favorite things to do) and read (I'm reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova, about Dracula). Finally, I got around to my paper, which I'm going to finish editing this afternoon before my dinner/Sex and the City marathon. This morning, I tried my hardest to sleep in. This meant sleeping until 7:30. I know, I rock. I got up and watched 27 Dresses. Now, it might be my dark and twisty mood, but I just don't think that movie lived up to its hype. I really thought about that today, and they just don't make romantic comedies like they used to. My favorite one probably has to be French Kiss with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline... what a great movie. 27 Dresses was just so predictable and boring. Sorry. Then I cleaned my living room while watching Frasier and doing more laundry. After lunch and showering, I went to buy myself a new mattress. I've been sleeping on a hand me down mattress since September, and that mattress is seriously about as old as I am. But beggars can't be choosers. So, I decided to be a good American and put my tax rebate into a new mattress for myself. It's coming on Saturday. I'm so excited about it!!

Starting tomorrow, I've decided to start doing some cross-training at the gym. I usually either do the C25K on the treadmill or work out on the elliptical, but I think I want to start using the stepper and the stationary bike. The whole point is to get my heart rate up, and obviously, that's something that can be done. But for now, I'll go back to enjoying my staycation... SATC is calling me!


MargieAnne said...

Staycation. It isn't an easy word to say but I like the concept.

Sounds like you had/are having a good weekend. I think you might be sleeping now it's too easy to be confused with time zones.

I have read President Bush's Memorial Day Prayer. The bit that stood out for me was this quote "Throughout our Nation's history, our course has been secured by brave Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen. These courageous and selfless warriors have stepped forward to protect the Nation they love, fight for America's highest ideals, and show millions that a future of liberty is possible. Freedoms come at great costs, yet the world has been transformed in unimaginable ways because of the noble service and devotion to duty of these brave individuals. Our country honors the sacrifice made by those who have given their lives to spread the blessings of liberty and lay the foundations of peace, and we mourn their loss."

NB Freedoms come at great cost.

There was another bit to his speech which I can't find right now but it went along these lines .... back in ? year when it looked as though we were losing the battle we decided to make a strategic decision and send more troops and it is paying off.

Whether we agree or not with the decision I was struck by the response to what was beginning to look like defeat. Send more troops. Fight harder. This is not the time to yield. Isn't this so true in our personal lives.

Manuela said...

I like that term and will probably be using it this year what with the price of gas!

I love Kevin Kline and haven't seen that movie in a while.

Good for you also for mixing it up on the machines. I tend to stick to one thing too and it is better to change things up.

MommaK said...

Ok, C, I am exhausted, just reading about your weekend!

Keep up the good work and never let a little setback, set you back!