Tuesday, May 27, 2008

HYC Check In: Um... It's Tuesday??

In looking at my google reader today, I couldn't figure out why there were so many HYC checkins... and then I remembered it's actually Tuesday. Darn holiday weekend completely threw me off!!

Anyway, how am I doing... eh, cosi cosi, to use of the phrases I learned in Italian class last week (that's so so for those of you not in the know!) I've told you guys what I hard time I had with eating last week. Summer turns those of us in academics into a funk. I'm a total sucker for routines, and my routine is thrown into a loop once the semester is over. And by the time I get used to this routine that I'm working out for myself, it'll be time to move onto a new semester. Blah. What's worse is that my unofficial daily weighing tells me that the numbers are up instead of down and it's really weighing (LOL) on me. I hope I can make it through Saturday. If so, it'll be smooth sailing from there.


In non-HYC news, I had an epiphany this morning. Actually, it's been an epiphany in the making. Last week To Lose 80 Pounds posted these pictures of her size 14 pants laying on top of her old plus size 20s. That's the same movement in sizes that I've made and it is unbelievable. Then, this weekend, J and I went to Kohl's and I bought a few pairs of jeans in size 14, because all I had were some 18s and 20s. So... this morning, I pulled a new pair of jeans out of my dryer. They shrank. They had to have. They look so... tiny!!! I'm never going to fit into them. What was I thinking, buying size 14s, even though I tried them on and they fit at the store. I knew they were going to shrink!! Finally, after my inward freaking out, I put on my (metaphorical) big girl pants and then put my (literal) pants on. AND THEY FIT. I'm having such a hard time believing that my fat ass can now fit in to size large tops and size 14 bottoms. I keep seeing myself at 230 pounds, instead of the 189 that I'm hovering around. Visualize the skinny!!


Mama Bear June said...

Congrats on the size 14s! Our weight loss has been almost exactly the same. I'm hanging around 190 and can actually fit into some 12s. I was so excited when I bought 2 pairs of 12s! Doing the happy dance for you.
Path to Health

Anonymous said...

YAAAAAAYYYYYY! That is about all I have to say, but it pretty much sums it up :)


irunbehind said...

That must have felt WONDERFUL! Congrats!