Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekly Weigh In: Dark and Twisty

Wow... lots of things to update y'all on. I've been kind of busy this week, workwise as well as being dark and twisty (for all you Grey's fans; it IS time consuming!). What would have been my anniversary is coming up on Tuesday, so I've just kind of been in a mood lately. Not necessarily a bad one, although sitting at home under a blanket and watching as much Frasier as possible could qualify one as being dark and twisty. All I know is that it's been a chore getting out of bed and dragging myself to the gym all week. I can't imagine that it's going to get better overnight.

So, update. I lost this week! 1.4 pounds to be exact. I'm still not back to my pre-visiting Mom weight, but it's a loss and I'll take it. Granted, yesterday, I ate like crazy. My friend J invited me over to partake in a bit of BBQ... ribs, baked beans, deviled eggs, corn on the cob (sans butter). YUM. I made dessert, a banana creme dream whip pie. J cut me the world's biggest slice of that. A part of my dark and twisty mood this week has been a lot of snacking... low-fat pringles and Dove chocolate are my current favorites. I know. Step away from the junk! I've tried. I know I shouldn't bring this crap into my house, but sometimes we're weak. That's where I'm at right now, so I've given myself a get out of jail free card for this weekend.

However, I've given myself a new incentive if I reach my 10 pound goal by June 30: A Vera Bradley tote to use as a gym bag. I need to buy a gym bag anyway, so what a great incentive to mark my 50 pound loss?? I'm completely in love with the Raspberry Fizz print, so that's the one I want in the small duffel size.

On the c25K front, can I get a WOO HOO??? Not only did I get through 8 minute intervals on Friday (which I've found my new favorite time to go to the gym... mid afternoon, which luckily, my schedule this summer allows me to do... and it also gives me some more snoozle time), BUT I ran for 20 minutes straight today! The last day of Week Five is a 20 minute run, preceded by a 5 minute warm-up and followed by a 5 minute cool down. My gym is closed for Sunday and Monday this week, so I had to truck it to the track this morning. In order to know what time I was at, I loaded my Ipod Shuffle with songs that could tell me when these marks were done:

Warm-up: You Can Do It by Ice Cube
20 Minute Run: Glamorous by Fergie, I Don't Wanna Be In Love by Good Charlotte, Canned Heat by Jamiroquai, Stronger by Kanye West
Cooldown: I'm Every Woman by Whitney Houston

The four songs in the 20 minute run are all about 5 minutes a piece. I ran a 15 minute mile, in that Canned Heat just finished when I passed the "start" mark on the track. I started getting really tired about that point. But, the idea of having to do this run over again just because I stopped early kept me moving. Let me tell you, Whitney couldn't have started singing soon enough!!!! Next week's big run is 25 minutes long, and I think I'll be doing it on the track again. During Friday's run, I picked a treadmill at the gym that had the stupid stereo box in a weird position and I kept hitting my hand against it. Plus, there's still that whole fear about falling off the treadmill. I must get over that, but until that happens, I'll be running those long runs on the track, even the indoor track, not the treadmill.

Foodwise, tried something else that I found super yummy: Weight Watchers Yogurt in Amaretto Cheesecake. They're a bit more expensive than my Kroger Light Yogurt, so I only splurged on the amaretto one, but geez... it is yummy beyond belief. Then again, I'm a huge amaretto fan. I also made a menu for this week to get back on track with my eating. It's just so easy to be organized and get things done!


Sam said...

woohoo to you!! Congratulations on reaching the end of week five!! "I'm every woman" sounds like a really good track to walk to! I need to do some catching up as I am thoroughly stuck in week three due to a soleus (calf) muscle problem and I am NOT running today as it is pouring with rain - not a very good bank holiday monday really!

Jen said...

You are doing so great!!!

Congrats on the running 20 minute straight! That's a tough hurdle!