Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Life Ain't A Track Meet, It's A Marathon

This will serve as my HYC check-in as well.

Hi everyone! I can’t believe it’s been since Friday that I’ve posted here. It’s kind of weird, because I have this routine where I go to the gym in the morning, work out, and check in here while drinking my morning cup of joe. Which, technically, is what I’m doing right now, except I’m typing this up in Word and then will later post it in Blogger when I’m at Panera checking my email for the first time since Friday. It is so freeing to be detached from work while I’m away, but it becomes so apparent how addicted I am to the internet and email.

So… I admit readily that I haven’t been completely on program since I’ve come home. Saturday was my cousin’s college graduation, and we went out to eat afterward at Lonestar Steakhouse. I decided to splurge… I had some ribs with mashed potatoes, some hot artichoke and spinach dip (my favorite! Haven’t had it in ages!), and a REALLY big peach margarita. It’s funny because now that I’m being very public and forward with my weight loss, people are like, I don’t want to see on your blog that you’ve gained weight! Well, one week won’t kill me, and I’ll just get back on track next week while I’m at home. I’ve also had pasta, chocolate, Chinese… things I usually don’t eat. And it all tastes so good, but again, it’s really obvious how my eating habits have changed, because I can’t put away as much food as I had in the past.

So, yes, I’m splurging. But spending time with some of my relatives back home makes me realize how important it is to indulge once in a while. One of my aunts has battled weight issues for as long as she’s been on this earth. Recently, she’s not only quit smoking but she’s also gotten a knee replacement. And during this time, she’s gained some weight, which is to be expected, especially since she quit smoking. She is convinced that she can only lose weight if she goes on this crazy diet that consists of hot dogs, red beets, cottage cheese, and other random items that are healthy, but at the same time, she seriously can’t be hitting 1000 calories. Of course you’re going to lose weight! But you’re also going to gain it right back if you stop eating in this restrictive way. So, while you might be hearing me tell you on Saturday that I’ve gained some weight this week, that’s fine, because I know with good eating and exercise, those pounds will peel off. I admit that I’ve tried this ridiculous diet that my aunt does (I think it’s called the Cleveland Clinic Diet… you have to wonder if a clinic really came up with that), I only lasted about three days on it. It is no way to live.

While my eating may be off track, I’m doing FABULOUS when it comes to exercise. Sunday was my first day on Week Four of C25K. This week, after your five minute warm up, you run for three minutes, walk for 90 seconds, run for five minutes, and then recover for two and a half minutes before you repeat the whole interval. For some reason, both on Sunday and today when I did day two, my first three minute run kind of winded me, but by the time I got onto the five minute run, I had recovered enough to be okay for the rest of it. So, tada! I fairly easily completed two out of the three days of Week Four. I realized this week is the first week where the running and the walking is pretty well split. It’s amazing to realize how my body has changed, not so much physically, but endurance wise. I can’t believe that a month ago, I was barely making it through 60 second running/90 second walking intervals, but now I’m running for five minutes straight, and on a whole sixteen minutes in a 30 minute workout. I also think that it was hard to adjust to street running after running for a week on the treadmill. My hometown isn’t flat, but at the same time it isn’t hilly. But the tiniest incline can really wind you if you aren’t used to it. Yesterday, we were hit with that horribly cold nor’easter, so I ended up doing Jillian’s Kickboxing video and the 2-mile Walk Away the Pounds.

Well… that’s my week up until now. I’m going outlet shopping tomorrow (need to get some new size 14s to replace my size 20s!) and on Thursday I’m meeting some high school friends for Mexican and margaritas (yum!) and I believe Friday night will be spent taking in the new Narnia movie. I can’t believe how this week is flying by and that I will soon be driving the five hours back to my current home and my job. I guess I’ve never gotten over that my mom’s house is my home, and that this town will always be my hometown, regardless of how long it has been that I haven’t lived here and that I’m only “visiting”.


c said...

Sounds like we're having very similar splurging weeks. I'm glad you're having a good time at home. I've also noticed that the first jog during C25K tends to be harder than the rest. I always feel a bit tired but then by the next interval I feel fine.

Anonymous said...

You should be proud that you are staying committed to exercise while on vacation, even though you may not be sticking to a healthy diet. One is better than none :) How exciting that you get to buy new clothes, too! You will have to buy more new clothes when we meet up this summer!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go....even on holiday. Keep up the great work!

...to Lose 80 Pounds said...

I've splurged the last couple of weeks, too. Glad I'm not the only one!

Have fun shopping! I went last night and I officially wear size 14s, too! And like you, I started in 20s! It's so fun to shop in places other than Lane Bryant or the "big girl" sections at other places. Enjoy those 14s!

Anonymous said...

You should definitely be proud that you're at least sticking to your excercise! Going to MD this weekend has me nervous about sticking to both my food and exercise goals, but you know what? Next week is another week...and Joe only graduates once!!