Friday, September 26, 2008

Weekly Weigh-In: Running With the King

Larry King, that is. The past few times I've been out running, I've felt my shoulders start to creep up towards my ears. Because I became conscious of it, I've started to give myself reminders to put my shoulders down, relax, keep breathing, keep going. A few minutes later, I'd find myself in Larry King land again. Then yesterday, at the office, I found myself sitting with my shoulders up around my ears AND walking through the hallways like that. Sheesh. I thought that I had good posture, namely because my back is straight. Now, I need to teach myself how to relax my shoulders. America's Next Top Model, here I come!!!
I weighed in today, and lost 0.8 pounds!!!! Woot! Little by little, this weight WILL come off of me. I do have to say that I've been seeing some measurement success with the 30 Day Shred, but I'll be posting that separately when I finish Day 10 (which is tomorrow... so expect a post on Sunday or Monday). I know that the slow weight loss is due to building muscle through the Shred as well as running, but still. I like to see some major results for some instant gratification :)
Hope y'all have a good weekend!


MizFit said...

Id never have thought of it in this way----and yet visit the King far too often (husband? he's a permanent resident of kingland)

happy weekend and thanks for the smile.

Chrissie said...

And the winner is... YOU! Check out my blog for a very special surprise!

RooBabs said...

Oooh, I have Larry King symdrome, too, especially when I do races, because I have so many nerves going on it's tough to relax.

Moving on. Girl, you earned that 0.8 lbs, and you should respect it (sound familiar?). You are doing great, and I can't wait to see your measurement update! (and I know what you mean about the instant gratification).