Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Biggest Loser Recap: Fat Farm Edition

SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!! Stop reading if you didn't watch last night's Biggest Loser!!!!

How upset was I when two of my favorite teams ended up in the bottom two? I think the Purple Team was right when they kept giving Coleen the eye during the bidding wars... what was she thinking??? But we'll come back to that in a minute.

The Brown Team... oh geez, they're getting worse by the minute. Oh, Brady, could you fake that limp a little more? And Vicki, um, could you please CLAP for the person who actually participated and won this challenge? What a beeotch!!!!! Or when she wouldn't taste the food because there was CAULIFLOWER in it????? Or when Brady thought that MUSSELS were a vegetable?????????? Please, in all that is merciful in thise world, could we PLEASE get them voted off next week?????????????????????????????

Oh, my gray team. My boys from Boston. I was so upset to let you go, and yet... LT gave what I believe to be the greatest exit interview in the history of BL. "I went to a Fat Farm and GAINED weight! Wouldn't you be p!ssed if you went to a makeover show and they made you ugly????" I was so worried with that attitude that the "what happened after the show" clip would be so disappointing. But wow!!! Could Tom and LT be looking any better? I am super impressed with weight loss and how they were able to keep up with it after they left the BL campus. Woo! Seriously, the last two weeks' non-losers are serious competitors for that $100K.

Almost crying moments last night: The red team calling home... of course. The pink team weighing in and Michelle's speech about the two pounds gone forever... yes, tears in my eyes. Heba with her dad on the phone. Tear!! Rocco DiSpirito looking fine... oh, yeah. I'm totally going to try that turkey meatball soup. Sounded delish! And Rocco looked delish! It was a complete win-win situation.

So, thoughts on next week's road trip? I think everyone's going to realize how psycho Vicki is and maybe throw her off the Grand Canyon. One can only hope!!!


Brittany said...

if we're lucky, they will throw her off the canyon. otherwise, i may have to go there and do it myself. they were driving me insane last night! UGH!!!!! they better be eliminated next week. i can't take much more of them.

KK said...

haha! I agree!!!

carla said...


Thanks for the warning-----though I did see the sentence about the soup.



Cammy said...

I haven't really been able to WATCH the show so far. Something's always going on in the background.
Which one is Vicky?

RooBabs said...

Girl- I swear you are in my head. I don't even have to write my BL reviews, because you pretty much write everything I'm thinking.

Amen!! I was also sad that the gray and yellow teams were in the bottom two, and didn't want either to go home. And you are right about the brown team- getting more on my nerves by the second, ugh.

And it was more than an "almost" tears moment for me- yep, I had wet cheeks during the red team phone call, and the part where Michelle gave her very eloquent reply regarding the "only" 2-lb loss. I wanted to reach through the screen and hug her, and I think I will be using those words to any of my blog buddies who feel bad about "just" a xxx lb. loss.

And finally, yes I was seriously cracking up about what LT said at the end of the show- rolling in laughter on my futon. What a fabulous episode!