Monday, September 22, 2008

Running Plans

Last week, I came to the realization that I probably need to take a puff or two of my inhaler before I go for a run. To me, this is a temporary solution until I see my doctor in three weeks. I've also started to reevaluate some of my goals. I really DO want to run a 5K. Will I be able to do that in four weeks? Doubtful. I just don't feel like my stamina is ready for it. However, I found a 5K that will be run back home when I'm visiting for Thanksgiving (and thankfully, it is the Saturday BEFORE Thanksgiving, because I know I'm going to need some recover time from the great food that my family prepares). So, I'm aiming for that one instead. I'm actually going to contact the guy today to see how I can register for it NOW, so I'm working towards that goal. November 22 here I come!!!

That being said, I've decided to go back to the C25K program and start working those intervals again. I started at Week 5 again, and really what I'm concentrating on is having clean runs. I think part of my issue with moving forward, having strength and endurance is that I decided to move through the weeks quickly, not focusing on having clean runs or not. That's going to change. If I can't do a clean run, I'm going to re-do that day. Today I started on Day 1 of Week 5, which was three intervals of a 5 minute run followed by a 3 minute walk. I started getting tired towards the end, but I think that's mostly due to partly running on sidewalk. I had to jump on the sidewalk when there was traffic, but at the end, I mostly ran on the blacktop. And I did it! I ran a clean run that day, so on Wednesday, I'm allowing myself to move on to Day 2 of Week 5, which is two intervals of 8 minute runs and five minute walks. I can do this. It is completely doable :)

As for those of you interested in the Shred... I completed Day 5 of Level 1 this morning. The strength and ab moves aren't so bad (which makes me think that I'm getting ready to move on come the end of the week when I hit Day 10 of Level 1), but the cardio kills me. It's two minutes straight of jumping jacks or "jumping rope" or (as Jillian puts it) butt kicks. The first 2 minute interval seriously makes me so out of breath. It gets better on the second and third intervals, but the first one... oy. I've read on other boards that the 30 Day Shred helps with cardio endurance too, which obviously, I need, but it doesn't need to beat me so! The thing is, I'm actually seeing results (which I'll post specific results after I finish the first 10 days) which is what is keeping me going.


Chrissie said...

Sounds like you have a plan. Can't wait to hear all about the run. Sounds great.

Anonymous said...

You're working it out! Congrats on restarting the C25K. Wishing you the best on your goal for 11/22!

Jason said...

Woohoo!!! Better to reschedule than give up :)

KK said...

Yay for you and that video!