Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Biggest Loser: Meet the Families!

Sorry for the late post. I had to prep for a work presentation this morning, and unfortunately, work trumps chatting up the Biggest Loser. But now I need a bit of a break, so let's discuss! *obviously there are spoilers ahead, so if you didn't watch last night's Biggest Loser, and you don't want to know what's going on, STOP READING NOW!*

Can I just say how mean Jillian was last night? What the heck? Where was she coming from when she said, "People see me on TV and think I'm a sweetheart." Um... huh? Because I thought she was 100x meaner last night than she has ever been before! Bob... well, he's just Bob. I loved how all his teams ran to hug him when they saw him, but Jillian, they were all dumbstruck. The teams. There are a few that I love from the beginning and there are a few that I was wishing would get voted off last night.

TEAMS I LIKE: The Yellow Team (Jerry and Coleen): Please tell me you don't love these two? I was so proud of Coleen last night when she ran up that hill (you go girl!) to save her dad from elimination. I was even prouder when we saw how much Jerry lost in a week with just food and 30 minutes of exercise! The Gray Team (Tom and LT): Okay, I have to admit I'm a sucker for Boston accents.... I love that everytime they say something you have to say "huh?" I'm also proud of LT for getting up the hill and getting the two votes for him and his dad. I think they will do great. And maybe see a little romance between Coleen and LT? The Red Team (Philip and Amy): Okay, I wanted to cry right then and there when Amy talked about how hard it was to raise an autistic child and how her "me" time was eating in front of the TV. As a stress/emotional eater, I can totally sympathize with her. I hope she gets something out of her time on the campus. The Orange Team (Ed and Heba): Wow, when Heba said that some of her family members said that she shouldn't be on the Biggest Loser because she wasn't big enough, but yet, she's the biggest woman on campus? Wow. I like these two. I like that she gets in his face to make him go, but at the same time, she'll cry because he's feeling bad about himself. I can't wait to see how great they look!

TEAMS I'M AMBIVALENT ABOUT: The Pink Team (Michelle and Renee): At first, I didn't really like this team, and their back story (which I'm still confused about. Did her parents get divorced when she was six? Or was it six years ago when she was 20?), but they did really well this week. I'm kind of blah on them. The Purple Team (Amy and Shellay): I'm kind of blah on this mother/daughter team as well. First off, Shellay? Really? That's your name? Okay. But then when I heard that Amy was a smoker... what the heck? You want to get healthy and yet you smoke? I'm just not sympathetic. The Green Team (Adam and Stacey): Okay, they're the eliminated team last night, but I liked their spunk. But there wasn't enough of them on there for me to form much of an opinion about them before they were kicked off. But wow.... talk about a FABULOUS transformation! Do we have some $100K contenders already?

TEAMS I HATE: The Brown Team (Brady and Vicky): No sympathy for them. Sorry. Vicky is a complete whiner. Hate her. Hate hate her. Wah wah... my four year old is 61 pounds. Yeah, well DO something about it. Then when she almost bit Brady's head off during the hill challenge? THEN when she was badmouthing the Green Team for being proud of their hard work? "They're showing off, they aren't team players." Um, no, they're not. It's a competition, fool! I was so mad when they kicked the Green Team off. But maybe Vicky has more drama up her sleeve, and that's why she's still on there.

Guess we'll see next week... when Rocco Di Spirito will be back!!! I heart him. So, who are you loving or hating already?


Brittany said...

I am loving the red team and the yellow team. Oh yeah. And the orange team is alright. The purple team is annoying the shit out of me. Can you say whiny much? I seriously just wanted to punch Amy in the mouth. I was hoping they would get booted last night. Everyone else I'm just kinda eh about. And yeah...who all was thinking Jillian was the nice one? Where the heck did she get that? LOL!

RooBabs said...

Oh my gosh! We are on almost exactly the same page!! I totally love the yellow and red teams (I seriously started getting choked up when Bob first surprised them (red team), and it just kept going from there (the tears, that is). I also like the gray team, and I like Heba, but I'm not so fond of Ed- he just kind of rubbed me the wrong way, plus they had to bleep out way too much of what he said. And that amazing green team transformation- wow!

I also have a hard time being sympathetic to the purple team smoker, and the brown team whiners (I can't believe they lost so much weight- I totally wanted them to go home!)

What a great start to the season. Oh, and I love Rocco, too. But don't tell the Hubs. = )

Erin said...

so far i'm dead on with everyone else. I love love love the red team! the yellow team seems like another team i'll fall in love with. I could tell from the previews that I probably wouldn't like the brown team and I was right on with them. I'm stocked about Rocco coming back!

c said...

I was excited about The Biggest Loser starting because it's motivational (even if it's unrealistic for us normal people) and I enjoy reading your reviews every week! I pretty much agree with everything you said. I really like the yellow team and how motivated the daughter is. I really think she's there for her dad but I bet she'll benefit more than she thinks (mentally and physically) by being there.

Jenny said...

I like so many of the teams because they appear to be more supportive than teams in previous seasons have been. I feel for the red team with the autistic boy, and the spunky purple team makes me laugh. Jerry and Coleen have my heart - I feel for where they are coming from. I am also hoping to see a collaboration between Coleen and L.T. so they can help push each other even though their dads have restrictions. If it turns into romance then that could be really sweet. Coleen will look like Reese Witherspoon when she gets lighter, and L.T. looks and sounds hot to me already!

Jenny said...

Just an update that I am bummed about week 2. First, it was a poor gamble on yellow team's part to beat the odds when the odds are stacked against them (Jerry's limitations). Second, I am bummed that there will be no romance between LT and Coleen. *sigh*

anon said...

Somebody please send Brady and Vicky back to the swamp they came from.They have the worst attitudes and did you see how smug she was on tonights episode?Oh I am not going home!And she is a anesthetist and he is a pharmacist?Scary!!!!!