Monday, September 29, 2008

I can do it!!!.... I can't do it :(

Running on a treadmill reminds me of a song from "The Producers" called "We Can Do It". Basically Max (the greedy shyster producer) is trying to convince Leo (the timid accountant) that he can get in on his scheme. In my life, it goes more like this: It's night/raining/humid and I decide to go to the gym to run on a treadmill. I get on said treadmill and start running. Not so bad. It's my "I can do it!" moment. Then about 8 minutes in, I start to die. I try slowing down the treadmill... too slow. Try to speed it up back to where it was... too fast. "I can't do it." That was basically my night on Friday. Thanks to big university rivalry football game, my usual running paths were taken over by RVs and other types of ridiculousness. Now, I don't hate football. I hate that my routine gets altered by football traffic. Blah. Needless to say, Friday night's run (if you could call it that, after about 15 minutes, I gave up and did an elliptical workout instead) sucked.

But this morning... I rocked! I decided to do that 8 minute run/5 minute walk/8 minute run interval again, and I kicked its butt!!! I also figured out another way to run around the construction, but staying on a blacktop path instead of the concrete sidewalk, so that helped as well. Wednesday, I'm going to try my 20 minute run, and if I can get through it without walking, I'll move onto Week Six of C25K, which is another set of run/walk intervals. And if I can't get through the 20 minute run? I'll just keep trying it until I can. This is the new approach to the C25K program that I'm taking. No halfing it... I'm going to punch it out and finish it like it should be finished.


Cammy said...

How much do I *love* your attitude! You WILL do it!

Angie Eats Peace said...

Woohoo! You can do it! I feel the same way starting my runs.

Your attitude and motivation is inspiring.

RooBabs said...

Good job- way to not let it get you down. ANd great job adapting to your circumstances! You'll be running 30 minutes in no time. = )

KK said...

Congrats on rocking your run! I find it is always easier to run outside than the treadmill!

Jason said...

Good for you!!

Punch it out and finish it :)