Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Biggest Loser Recap: So Long Good Man

I apologize for the short recap, but I have 14 more exams to grade prior to 3PM, which doesn't sound bad... but if you were reading them, you'd know what torture they are. Therefore, as always, if you didn't watch last night's Biggest Loser, STOP READING NOW!!!

I admit to missing the first few minutes of it (I blame Jillian and the 30 Day Shred for making me do some evil types of plank twist moves before I could watch BL). Anyway, they're going on a road trip! To the Grand Canyon! C'mon guys! Climb on the bus! Oh, wait... you're all smooshed into seats that you really can't fit in. (This gave me flashbacks to my own weight issues. When I was at my heaviest-- and did a lot of flying-- the seatbelt justfit around my waist. When I went to Boston in August? I had to tighten it and had about 5 inches of slack. WOOT!) Here comes their first temptation: Gamble and guess how many calories are in a certain piece of food. If you are the closest without going over, you win that round (at this point, I was wondering when I started watching the Price is Right). If you don't win, you have to EAT it. The prize after three rounds? You get to stay in a posh RV. The rest? Camping outside. Ed and Heba win, which I'm glad for! They're pretty rockin'.

So, while everyone minus E&H are hanging around the campground, they notice some exercise equipment. Well, looky here. How do we exercise outside of a GYM???? Can we exercise without Jillian and Bob?? I think the consensus was no, and some of them took some walks. How many of the men were like, "I'm not gonna lift any boulders." Um, dudes, jumping jacks? Running intervals? Squats? Lunges?? Needless to say, they didn't get any exercise until their kayak challenge, which was seriously the most confusing challenge. I don't blame Shellay for being so confused about it. When Ali explained it, I was thinking, How is that going to work? Well Heba and Ed won an RV for themselves. Rock on!

Back to the ranch. Bob and Jillian are super mad that no one worked out. So they beat them to death in a last chance workout. Jerry isn't feeling well, so the med staff check him out... and they are concerned that he might have a blood infection or a blood clot. YIKES. They send him to Cedar-Sinai (hanging with birthing celebs, Jerry?) and he has a torn hamstring. That HAS to be painful. He comes back in time for the weigh in. But Ali throws them a twist. There will be only one team below the yellow line, and ONE person needs to go home. The Yellow Team falls below the yellow line (Jerry gained, Coleen lost big time) so they had the back and forth about who was going home. Needless to say, it was Jerry.

But WOW!!! Jerry is looking good. He's lost 70 pounds total since he's left the ranch. He's even off of 4 of his 5 heart-related meds. I'm amazed at all these transformations we've been seeing for folks who've left the ranch. I have to say that the race for the At Home BL is going to be tight this year. What I think is dumb is that the rest of them are going to be competing in teams, but Coleen is going to be by herself? Right? Why do the things that come out of Ali's mouth make me so confused?

Back to the grading... ugh. It's like my own last chance workout. Get this done, go to work, and I'll be rewarded with a nice run later this evening.


Amanda said...

It seemed a little "too" perfect that Jerry was sent home. Like, maybe they wrote it into the show once they realized how many health problems he had because he wasn't able to compete. Plus, it seems really strange that everyone else is still in teams.

I agree he looked great! The last 5 minutes where they show where the contestants are today is always my favorite part.

Anastasia Beaverhausen said...

I know exactly what you mean about grading! It is really getting in the way of me keeping up with my DVR. The only sollace is that there are no assignments due this week except their midterm portfolio reflection.

Erin said...

jerry did look really good. colleens birthday party made me cry!

Angie Eats Peace said...

I gotta start watching this!

MizFit said...


did my comment get eaten?