Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My motivation for the gym

Sorry for the lack of blog updates this week... work/life is crazy.

What make me go to the gym when I don't want to? The fact that I shell out $36 a month for it. That's what is making me go there right now and fulfill my date with the elliptical. I could do a video. I could do nothing. But I want my money's worth :)

There very probably will not be a BL update this week. Sorry kids!


Here is my post gym update. Yes, I go to the old people gym (E will tell you that). But what drives me crazy is that the people in the 50+ range don't give a CRAP about form when they are lifting weights. I saw this guy do a tricep kickback today, and I swear, I thought he was going to hurt himself. I also saw some 50 year old lady doing bicep curls, and again, lifting with ridiculously heavy weights, and doing exaggerated Sly Stallone movements. Oy.


Cammy said...

I'm the same with getting what I pay for (or trying to anyway.) I think that's why I go out of my way to fit workouts into my schedule.

Kudos to you! (me, too! *g*)

Angie Eats Peace said...

I once saw a older man fall straight back while doing a lat pull down. It was so sad, but funny later, or maybe I am just mean.

kikimonster said...

OMG Angie... I saw the SAME thing at my gym one morning. It just made me sad because I think these people are doing more than they should... and where are the trainers when they are doing this?

MizFit said...

I know this isnt PC :) but men between 40 and 50 at the gym SWINGING the heavya** weights whilst checking themselves out in the mirror? TOTALLY MAKE MY DAY/the time go by faster :)

and yes. I know better than to offer any tips.

hmmm, actually, many times, this refers to MEN in general.


an unPCish Miz.

RooBabs said...

Hey, at least you're writing (which is more than I can say). And I totally feel guilty if I don't get my money's worth- good for you for pushing yourself to go (but don't feel guilty if you do a video once in a while).

Back in the day when I went to a gym, it wasn't just old people that had horrible form. There were all kinds of people swinging their arms everywhere (ever heard of slow and controlled- maybe not using momentum and actually using your own muscles?), cranking out way too much weight, or my "favorite" jacking up the incline on the treadmill, then holding on for dear life while leaning backward- yeah, that's effective!

Even my own husband swings way too much when doing bicep curls, because the weight is probably too heavy. But do I say anything? Of course not, because I don't want to discourage him. ; )

RooBabs said...


Oh, and you're forgiven if you don't get to do a BL review. It just sucked anyway, and I hate Vicky and even Heba now, too. And although I'm sad that there won't be an episode next week, I'm relieved that I don't have to worry about election coverage getting in the way of my BL watching. Now I can just frustrate myself to no end while I watch the votes roll in...

Anonymous said...

You'll find lack of form in the 49 & under range too. Amd more show offs there! I guess it's just a matter of informed on form or not. I'm gonna grit my teeth & put those swimsuit pix out there to help keep me on track. Will probaly hide out a week or two after! LOL! Thanks for stopping by!

KK said...

Oh, I so wanted to vent about the BL with you!

Good for you for going to the gym even when you don't want to!

c said...

I'm so wanting to join a gym someday but I'm waiting until we get settled somewhere. I don't want to pay any fees for leaving. Um, is that an excuse? I don't know.

My mom used to have some pretty bad form when lifting weight. It drove my brother and I crazy.

And I agree with KK and was so looking forward to your BL post this week. Even while watching last night I was thinking about what you would be posting today! lol