Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Note from Dr. Kiki

I've been at my current university for three years now, which has given me plenty of time to get some Dr. Kiki groupies. You know those kids... the ones who take every single class you offer because they think you're 1) cool, 2) easy, or 3) both. I had my first groupie group during my first and second year here, and yesterday, one of these groupies came to visit me. This young man ended up sitting in my office for close to an hour shooting the breeze (it was a Friday, and quite honestly, all I had to do on my list was grading, and I was avoiding it as much as he was avoiding his work). E stopped by before she was heading home, and asked if we were still on for hiking tomorrow. After I said "definitely!", my groupie turned to me with a big smile on his face and said, "Really? You don't seem like the hiking type."

Granted, I was sitting in the office in my blue cashmere sweater, black pencil skirt and heels (yes, it was Friday, but I had lunch with the dean earlier in the day... be thankful that I didn't wear my pearls, which I whip out for ALL career related moments). Stylewise, I like to think of myself as someone like Charlotte out of Sex and the City, classic but chic. Seriously, when I reach my goal weight, I'm going on a shopping spree at Ann Taylor and Talbots. I love that stuff. And yes, I wouldn't be caught dead in public without my hair flat ironed. Or makeup. Or earrings. And a bracelet. And my favorite ring. But does that make me prissy? Does that make me a non-hiker?

The answer to that question is a big old Whitney Houston "hell to the no". Just because I like hiking and running outdoors doesn't mean that I need to be granola crunchy 24/7. It means that I can shop at Ann Taylor for cashmere (yay! nothing makes me happier!) AND Target for cheapo sports bras. I can wear four inch heels AND Asics. I can flat iron my hair AND pull it back under a cap for a run. Don't judge a book by its cover :)

7 comments: Lose 80 Pounds said...

"Granola crunchy" made me chuckle, I don't know why. =) Great post.

Cammy said...

Love the "4-inch heels AND Asics"! (May I borrow it if I change it to 2-inch heels? I don't think I'm up to 4-inch heels.)

I scored Ann Taylor Loft jeans at the thrift store not long ago. $4.00=yaay!

Finesse said...

You've come a long way, Baby!

MizFit said...

I love you.


we use that all the time around here.

(your email so made me laugh. yep. comedy. and I wouldnt have it any other way--you?)

c said...

I think students always forget their professors are real people too! I thought you were about to say he asked if he could go hiking with you! hahaha

KK said...

Love the new layout!
And I am the same way. Just because I wear suits everyday does not mean that I don't wear running clothes every evening and get dirty on "my" time!

RooBabs said...

I laughed at "granola crunchy", too, because it brought back memories of my college days. I went to school in Washington State, and although my school was small (1300 students), there were a lot of granola types. Heck, I was kinda one of them, but I didn't wear birkenstocks (especially not with socks), and I didn't have a fleece.

But anyway, it's funny how people make judgments or stereotypes. Like my boss, who wears suits every day, but at home, he plays online video games- the 2 new guys had no idea that he was a "geek" in his spare time. Ha ha. It makes me wonder what impression people have of me... = )

Oh, BTW, I like the new background!