Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BL Recap: All Right Already!!!

Really really quick before I grade...

I missed the first half hour. I gathered about the Blue Team winning a temptation/challenge (what on earth would you call that?) and adding 40 pounds to the Black Team's weight at the actual hanging on a pulley challenge. (I also missed Bob calling Vicki "Shakespearean"... she's SO Lady MacBeth... damn.) Anyway, I think Phil is a big wimp. Dude, I was waiting for you to tighten your grip on that rope. Geez... to be shown up by Renee???? Should have put her in the middle.

Missed the last chance workout half hour... on the phone with my mom. But the weigh ins??? I hate Brady (but you already know that) AND Vicki AND Heba. I'm glad Phil went home (big wuss, and really? A vote for Michelle??) BUT I can't wait for next week. I love when they let old cast members rejoin (yay!! like Ali last year!!!) and that they're all going individual. Think that Vicki and Brady will end up hurting each other when they turn individual?

That's all for now. Need to grade before I head to the gym. I have another hot date tonight with the elliptical :) Tell me what YOU thought of BL!!


c said...

Yeah, I pretty much agree with everything you said. Just wanted you to type it out! haha! I can't figure Phil out. I think he's just a nice guy but it's a bit sad he couldn't function without his wife for a few days.

I can't stand Vicky. Oh and what was up with Heba getting so upset at Phil last night? I was like "whoa, calm down. This isn't high school. Not everyone is going to like you."

I love Coleen and hope that she's able to stay in it. I'm really starting to warm up to Amy too.

Angie Eats Peace said...

I fell asleep : /

RooBabs said...

I love it!! I had totally forgotten about the "Shakespearean" comment. It was too funny (how often do you hear someone say that?!). I just love Bob.

And yes, I am excited that they are bringing back the earlier castmates. I'm guessing it will be pretty much the same kind of thing as last season where they bring 2 people back.

And yeah, I was thinking Phil was a wuss, too, but I guess it was good that he was able to go home for his anniversary. How cute and romantic was it for him to buy her a ring and renew their vows where he proposed to her?

It's going to be a long two weeks (okay, probably not, because I have tons of stuff going on between now and then, but you know what I mean).