Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Biggest Loser: Black Widow

Just a little update on me before I start hating on the Biggest Loser. Went for my run yesterday, and honestly, I seemed to run into everyone I know. The priest from my church. One of my grad students. Geez. I never run into people, but today I did. I did 1.89 miles in 25 minutes, which is about a 13 minute mile. Yeah, I'm slow. But I have seven weeks until my race, and so I'll just be happy doing it in 35-40 minutes, which translates into a 11 or 12 minute mile. I guess my biggest issue with running where I run, is that there are a lot of hills, hidden and explicit (as in, "oh, that didn't LOOK like a hill, but ouch" vs. "gd, that is one big hill ahead of me"). All in all, I'd say this run was a-okay.

Biggest Loser time.... you know the drill if you didn't watch it.

I hate Vicky. I know, my mom told me to never say that I hate someone, but really I do. She is manipulating the show, she and Brady are throwing their weights, they totally made up that story about Phil going up to Brady and asking for them to save his wife, and Heba is just dumb if she thinks that she can depend on them to stay in the game. I hate that she said they were there to win $350,000. Not to lose weight. Not to get healthy. But to win the money. Ugh. I hate her.

The episode was kind of boring in my opinion. The teams did some different exercises: The Blue Team was all Cirque d'Soleil with some rope/material type aerobatics. The Black Team did a challenge course which reminded me a lot of a challenge course zip cord that challenged *me* as a RA my senior year in college. Then, they had their weekly challenge that involved balancing. The prize was a video from home, which Vicky quickly deemed as "unworthy" and "non-beneficial". Whatever. Lots of people have commented on how Vicky doesn't play the game, she doesn't consider her team... this made me wonder what kind of mother she is that she doesn't want to see her children. WTH? The Black Team won, and they were surprised to find that the videos weren't videos, but instead, live teleconferencing with their families. Awesome. The weighins were awesome... geez. The Black Team kicked some major behind!!!! The Blue Team lost, with Vicky being the "biggest loser" and therefore, winning immunity, and they all ganged up on Red Amy and kicked her off. It was so dumb. And what is up with Bob's hair? What is he doing that makes it look so different.

Sorry for the short BL rundown. I'm in the middle of a research project, and I would like to go vote early today. Leave me a comment and tell *me* how you felt about Vicky and the negativity surrounding the Biggest Loser this year.


RooBabs said...

My mom also told me not to hate people, but I hate Vicky. And I, too, wondered about the so-called story about Phil approaching Brady. I was so appalled that Vicky said she didn't care about the prize and that it wasn't worth it, but that she would give it some effort for her team's sake (yeah, she tried really hard). And she kept saying it- like at least 3 times. Ugh! Plus, did you see her smile when it showed that Brady only lost 3 pounds- what is up with that? Did he chug a gallon of water before weigh-in or what? And my final Vicky-bash, it was driving me crazy how she kept talking about not being worried about going home no matter what her weight was, because Brady and Heba wouldn't send her home. I so do not want either of them to make it to the final, but I'm afraid that unless someone breaks up their alliance, it's inevitable.

Anyway, congrats on your recent runs. You are doing so awesome. I'm wondering about your pedometer measurement, though. Is it calibrated for walking or running? Because it could make a difference in your distance. But regardless, you are going to do great in your race, especially if you've been incorporating hills.

Keep it up, girl!!

Amanda said...

I also can't stand Vicky (or Brady or Heba).

I try to take comfort in the fact that Vicky and Brady will likely gain all the weight back when they go home, since their motivation is all about the $$$ and not about their overall health.

LadyBug0088 said...

I agree, Vicky really pisses me off. She is so smug about everything. It made me angry seeing her smiling about Brady only losing 2 pounds. I know it is a game, but it's not fair to people that want to be there and are losing weight to get healthy, not to just win the money. Guess we'll have to stay tuned until next week!

LadyBug0088 said...

I really can't stand Vicky either. She is so smug about everything. I think the fun part about the show is watching the people get healthy, not watching them manipulate the game so they can win the money. I'm really gonna miss Amy P.

KK said...

Oh my gosh! I was sooooo mad at Vicky last night. Not a fan of her AT ALL!!! Since when is the Biggest Looser only about winning money???? The point of the show is getting healthy for yourself and your family. The money is a bonus. Getting your life back is the "real" prize.
She needs to go. Now. Lose 80 Pounds said...

I'm also a Vicky hater. And a Heba hater. Not fond of Brady either! I much prefer the people on the other team.

That being said...Amy looked great in her at-home video!

BTW...did Brady do something to throw off the weigh-in?? I missed the first hour since I was AT THE GYM and forgot to set the DVR.

Cammy said...

Thanks for the recap! I missed the first 3/4 of the episode. I just can't get into it this year. I haven't found That One Contestant (except maybe the blonde girl/woman) who I can get behind whole-heartedly. We need a Dr. Jeff!

Angie Eats Peace said...

My mom also told me not to hate people.

I finally caught the show last night, I was excited!
I did not care for Vickie at all, how is not seeing your loved ones after 2 flippin months not great motivation?!

Anonymous said...

I missed the ending weigh in because my cable was acting up and didn't record it :( but i did catch the beginning. Vicky is so annoying, her attitude is horrible and the way she smiles when other people don't do well. I wonder what kind of parent she is at home. Ugh, i hope she is the next to go, but she consistently loses lots of weight.

Christopher said...

Yeah i couldnt have said it better about Vicky! I Cant stand her!!! She is nasty, evil and doesnt care about anyone else but her self, probably not even her lame husband (who's an idiot as well) either. Heba is a total loser as well. Vicky has go to go! She is not only extremely spiteful and annoying but extremely hard to look at!!