Thursday, October 9, 2008

Weekly Weigh In: A Day Late and Early

Biggest Loser last night was a bit boring. Maybe I'm just a tough customer to please today, but I feel like I'm watching the same thing, week after week. SPOILER ALERT: Ed went home. Heba is left by herself. It was close... Coleen found herself under the yellow line early, but then Ed didn't lose any weight (Heba lost 8 pounds-- you go girl!) They decided to leave Heba there, because their ultimate goal is to have children soon, and they'd like to get Heba ready for that. And in the "where are they now?" segment... wow! Ed is doing a fantastic job on his own at home. He lost somewhere close to 80 pounds. Awesome.

As for me, I lost 0.2 pounds this week. That makes me happy, because I was sick and didn't work out at all this week. So, maintaining = good. I'm going to visit my mom this weekend, which is ALWAYS a diet wrecker. My family is a big "social" eating family. Sometimes I behave, and others I don't. I'm guessing since I'm hormonal, I might not be behaving, but what I like about being home is the fact that I can go running or walking on sidewalks, not like here, where sidewalks just run out or the railtrail, which is a bit of a shady place for a girl to go running on her own. I'm going to use the weekend to ease back into my training, and then when I come back next week... as long as I am feeling well, I won't be pushing myself if I'm still in the blah category... it'll be full force. Looking forward to that makes me excited :) Have a good weekend!


Angie Eats Peace said...

I am a social eater, too. Congrats on the weight loss!

RooBabs said...

Whew! I'm finally safe to read. It seemed kind of boring to me, too. I think breaking it up into 2 one-hour segments kind of sucked. Plus, after all the drama the first night, then they show how Amy walks back into the gym and Jillian congratulates her for making a good choice. How anti-climatic was that?

It was kind of weird, too, how this week again, the family below the yellow line has the girl losing a lot of weight and being excited for a second until the she's the male's lack of weight loss (Ed's 0 lbs and last week Jerry's +2 lbs). But I'm glad that Coleen stayed, and Heba, too.

Great job on maintaining this week. Enjoy your trip home, and try to rest up.