Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Officially Whiny Post

Yesterday just stank. Woke up over my stomach bug... and around 1 or 2PM, felt the beginnings of a cold coming on. Seriously, folks, put me in a bubble and allow me to get sick. I have not had any full blown symptoms on ANY of this, which is really frustrating. I didn't puke my guts up, I don't have a fever, but yet, I'm miserable. So, instead of running last night, I went home, put my jammies on, and watched a few episodes of Frasier on DVD until 8PM...

Which is when the Biggest Loser started. I thought it was only going to be an hour long because of the debate (which don't even get me started on how awful and boring that was, Tom Brokaw was the most awful moderator ever), but then... nope, continued at 9PM on Wednesday. Which means I was stuck watching my least favorite portion of the show (I really just enjoy the last chance workouts and the weigh ins).

So... here's my whiny, half-watching-the-show-because-I-was-talking-to-my-mom-on-the-phone review of last night's BL. Vicky (brown witch) was complaining that she has a lot of knee injuries so she can't run. Boo hoo. And that her hubby holds her back. Boo hoo. Does that give you license to be mean to everyone else on earth??? The Purple Team was getting on Jillian's last nerve (I actually giggled when the preview before commercial said that)... it all culminated with Jillian telling purple Amy to leave the gym (which the idiot did, smirking...won't be smirking at weigh in tonight!) and making the pink team cry (they know how to turn on the waterworks, don't they?) The Red Team got to go home and see their kids, which looked pretty cool (I was busy discussing Cloris Leachman's performance on DWTS on Monday night with my mom at this point... HILARIOUS!) and then there was the challenge. They had to stand on a little trapeze like beam in water, balancing with their arms and legs on these little handles, while the water rushed out of the pool, making it harder for them to balance themselves. The prize was a care package from home. Brown Witch and Purple Amy were the last two left... and Brown Witch won. But she was a kindly Witch, and gave the Purple Team the other care package. And that's all. BO-RING. Little did I know what was to come in the debate later....

My biggest whine of the evening is that I haven't worked out since Sunday. According to my scale, I haven't gained anything, but that's probably because I've been barely eating anything either (thank you stomach bug). I just feel so lazy (and tired and stuffy, but that's another thing). Seriously, when you work out, you just feel so good about yourself. Working out makes me feel strong and hard, like nothing can stop me. Except germs, obviously. So, are my muscles any smaller or less hard because I haven't worked out in 72 hours? From my perception, they are. But that might just be me, sitting on my couch, whining.


RooBabs said...

I am totally with you on the whining. I had to keep changing the channel from the debate because it was so annoying. I kept screaming at my TV- "answer the stupid question, stop rambling!!"

And I didn't realize that due to the debate, BL would be pushed back from the normal 7:00 time to 9:00 p.m. and would only be 1 hour. But it's probably good that it was only 1 hour because I stayed up to watch the whole thing- ack!!

But I couldn't believe it's continued, especially since I probably won't get to watch it until I get home from work tomorrow. And I was so mad that stupid Vicky won the challenge (her smirks really irritate me).

I loved when Jillian was ranting to the girls about not working out hard enough, comparing them to Ali and Brittany, whom she couldn't get out of the gym. It will definitely be an interesting weigh-in.

I am so sorry that you're sick and can't get those feel-good chemicals from working out. I have been missing them, too. And on my attempted run yesterday I messed up my knee, so I won't be doing any workouts for a while. Just take care of your body the best you can, and maybe take some walks in the nice fresh air. Feel better soon!

Cammy said...

Patience, child, patience. Rest, hydrate, whine, and rest some more. You'll be back to working out in no time. :)

Hope you feel better soon.

MizFit said...

whine away (I surely have this morning :)) and take care of yourself.


when youre better they will bounce back up and be stronger and **stronger** for the rest/your NOT pushing through when sick.

feel better,