Monday, June 9, 2008

Things we should do

All day long, I've been in this mindset of things I should be doing. Liek this morning, I slept a little longer than I had planned. I thought to myself, I should be up, drinking coffee, checking email. While I was doing that, I thought that I should already be showering. While I was in the shower and doing my hair, I decided that I should have been out the door fifteen minutes ago. It is so exhausting when you spend a whole day berating yourself for being behind. I actually felt guilty going to the gym tonight because I should have been working on my paper for Spain. In actuality, I did some significant research this afternoon which lead to some brainstorming, which in turn made me realize that my assigned topic for my talk is not too far off of what I did in my dissertation. Phew! Why is it so hard for us sometimes to give ourselves a little "me" time? I was at the office from 9:30 until 5:30, came home, ate dinner, went to the gym, took a shower, painted my toes, talked with my mom and am about to crawl into bed with my scary Dracula-esque book. What is so wrong with spending the last five hours of my life doing "me" centric things? Absolutely nothing :)


Sam said...

Ohhhh yes, a little pampering goes a lonnnng way! Enjoy it for what it is - some downtime and battery recharging!

ptg said...

A little you time is always, always needed! Hubs always notices how much happier I am if he gives me some "me" time. :o)

Manuela said...

Oohh, I want to go to Spain (and Portugal).

Be sure to take lots of pictures!