Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kiki Jones's Diary

My phone rang at 8:10PM tonight. It was my mom. She asked what I was doing, and I said I just got home. We chatted for a little while, and then she asked again, wait, you mean you just got home? And I said, yes, literally, I just got home. This is what my day looked like:

7:30AM: Wake up
7:30-8:30AM: Enjoy my breakfast, answer emails while having a cup of coffee
8:30-9:30AM: Get ready for work
9:30AM: Depart
9:34AM: Get stopped on the street by a road worker. She tells me that I will be waiting for a while because they're repaving a portion of the street. I turn around and go another way.
9:50AM: Arrive at my office and prep for today's classes
10:30AM-11:45AM: Italian class. Yes, I'm taking this one for fun this summer, before I was invited to Spain. I can't exactly drop out in the middle of the semester just because something else popped up!
11:45-11:55AM: Call my friend J who just got back from a job interview. Sounds like all went well, but couldn't talk with her long because...
11:55AM: Pee break before class
Noon-1:15PM: Teach my class. Bore students by telling them what I think are funny stories about international organizations and the people who run them. They only get excited when I mention the price of gas. Oy vey.
1:15PM-2:00PM: Much needed internet surfing break while eating lunch. Run into boss, avoid talking to boss too long by telling him that my soup is done in the microwave. Phew!
2:00PM-5:15PM: Work on Spain talk. Am getting exhausted with this speed research, but am able to put thoughts together on a paper, which will now serve as my outline for my speech. Or so I think for now.
5:15PM-5:30PM: Drive to the mall. Heard a department store is having a one day sale and since I have lost so much weight, I need a new suit. Wish me luck.
5:30-6:15PM: No luck at all. Stores either a) don't carry suits in the summer or b) have suits matched with capri pants. Not at all professional. Almost sucked into buying extremely comfortable pair of professional looking heels. Need to leave mall now.
6:15-6:30PM: Drive to gym. What do you mean that the street workers only paved 1/8 of the street? Seriously??
6:31PM: I forgot the combination of my gym combo lock. Get so mad that I chucked it in the trash and brought my gym bag out to be locked in my trunk. D'oh!
6:32-8:00PM: Work out. 5 minute warm up walk, 15 minutes on stairmaster, 15 minutes on elliptical, 15 minutes on rowing machine, 5 minute cool down walk, 8 minute stretch. Ahhhh. Saw funniest thing. A girl on the elliptical was trying to text while going 6MPH. Hilarious!
8:00PM-8:08PM: Drive home. Finally back at the apartment.
8:09PM: Phone rings. Is mom. Must talk.
8:50PM: Phone slides out of my shoulder/head position as I am trying to eat PBJ sandwich for a late dinner. Phone hangs up on Mom.
8:52PM: Call Mom back. Phone starts beeping because battery is dying. Tell Mom will talk with her tomorrow.
8:53PM-9:30PM: Watch an episode of Frasier. Seriously, how did I not know about this show before. It's just the right combination of snobby intellectual/blue collar humor. Love love love the whole Daphne/Niles thing.
9:30-9:50PM: Shower. Must not climb into fresh smelling sheets smelling like the gym. Ahhh... hot water good.
9:50-10:15PM: Blog. Must not ignore my loyal readers. I feel horrible about not being able to stay on top of my Google Reader this week. Maybe on the weekend while I'm not teaching or going to Italian class?
10:15PM-10:35PM: Watch another episode of Frasier. Want to place DVD in the mail tomorrow so I can get a movie on Saturday. Love Netflix.
10:35PM-11:30PM: Read more of scary Dracula book.
11:30PM: Bed. Nighty night!

Yes, that is my day. I seriously do not know how those of you who have children do it. I am exhausted, hence the 8 hours of sleep I get a night!! Granted this will only be my schedule until next Friday, when the text of my talk is due in Spain. Then I can chill before I get freaked out. My main concern right now is finding an inexpensive black professional looking suit that I can wear in Spain. I don't want to spend too much money on it, because I figure it'll only last another six to eight months of conference wear due to my weight loss and my mom's mad alteration skillz. Argh. I'll worry about that tomorrow. Now for more Frasier...


ashley said...

Hi! I just found your blog!

Your schedule really is full. Good for you for not using that as an excuse to skip the gym (ahem! like I've been doing!).

Anonymous said...

yup, replace the tv show with Grey's or dexter and that's me. I cringe daily at the clock when I realize just how late it is, YET AGAIN, by the time I finish feeding myself in the evening. That and I think every day I bring home some kind of work that just doesnt ever seem to get done. sigh. At least I know I'm in good company.

Felicia said...

YIKES That makes me tired just reading it lol. Don't kill yourself off if you can!

Good luck with getting a suit you want that works!

Have a wonderful day!

c said...

How tiring! I'm like you and much prefer 8 hours of sleep at night. I try as hard as possible to get it in.

R. Shack said...

That's quite a day! You got through it so well, I don't think I could manage.

Your pics are sooooo inspiring!

Irene said...

I have a daughter and am going to college, but I am not working outside of the home.

But your schedule makes me exhausted.