Tuesday, June 3, 2008

HYC Update Tuesday

Not much to report that I haven't said already. I gained this week, and I'm hoping for a loss come Saturday. I've been watching my diet like a hawk, making sure that there aren't calories sneaking in here or there. Last week was also the first week where I paired my crosstraining with the C25K runs, and it makes me wonder if my stamina has improved on my running, since last week it took me 20 minutes to run 1.3 miles, and this week I ran 1.9 miles in 25 minutes. I feel like I graduated to the "big girl school" of the gym... I'm weight training, using pretty much all the cardio machines, and am getting my butt there six days out of seven (gotta have a break!). Keep your fingers crossed for a loss this week!


Sam said...

Well done on all the running, you are really putting me to shame!! However, I just want to point out that you said "1.9 minutes in 25 minutes"! eh!? Sorry - I bet you hate people that correct your writing!!

kikimonster said...

LOL... yes, 1.9 MILES in 25 MINUTES. You know what I meant :) I guess that's what happens when you write a blog comment quickly on your lunch break!!

Anonymous said...

You are working it out on the exercise! Way to go on the running!