Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Love Letter To Myself

Dear Kiki,

It's been a tough week for you. I know that all you've really wanted to do was order pizza, Chinese, and Taco Bell (mmm... chalupas) all week while you've been writing that crappy paper, but you didn't. You cooked turkey BLTs or PBJs (do you really cook those?) and stuck to your diet. And even though it wasn't perfect, you lost weight this week. I've enclosed some pictures that I took of you wearing the same dress on different days. The older ones were from February when you hit 200 pounds. I took these new ones earlier today. Even though you are about 15 pounds less, I think you can really tell that all that hard work in the gym is paying off. You look fabulous!
I think that sometimes you just need a hug and a reminder about all the good work you've done. You've come so far. Don't let a little plateau keep you from moving forward! Keep up the good work :)

Love ya,

PS. Look at how you need to hold your dress in the back for us to see your shape! Doesn't it feel good when dresses that used to fit just right are now too big??

PPS. Look how much your face has slimmed down!! BTW, sorry I took that picture of you with no makeup on. You look fabulous anyway!!


Cammy said... Look at your waist! And your face, how slender it is! Yes, I'd say your efforts are paying off, and paying off beautifully! Yes, you should give yourself a big, big hug for your progress. And here's {{{a hug}}} from me, too!

goodbyetoallfat said...

The 2nd pics are great (the first pics are not bad, but the difference is quite noticeable) and the new slimmed down face looks fabulous even without make-up!

Congrats on your progress!

RooBabs said...

Wowza! That is an amazing difference!! Are you sure it's only a 15-lb difference? You look great! (even without make-up, you are fab-o, with those great dark brows and eyelashes). And you look great in your new suit, too. You're gonna knock 'em dead in Spain. You rock!

Tony said...

Congratulations on your weight loss, it is really inspiring.

Anonymous said...

OMG what a difference. That is awesome.

ptg said...

You look fabulous!!! You really have a kick-ass shape and your waist is fantastic - I only WISH I could have that kind of figure!! (Maybe one day...)

Love the letter to yourself.

Keep it up Kiki - you're really kicking some booty!

Anonymous said...

You look so great! There is such a difference between the two pictures- keep up the awesome work! BTW did you go to FSU? Lose 80 Pounds said...

:whistling at you as if I were a construction worker:

Check out those curves! You go girl! =)

KK said...

You look great! What amazing progress you have had!

c said...

WOW! Your hard work is totally paying off - even if you're not seeing it on the scale. You look so great. Keep it up and I'm right there with you trying to stick to eating right. It seems to be getting harder for some reason!