Tuesday, June 17, 2008

HYC Tuesday Update

G'morning all! The sun is shining, my patio door is open, and for the first time in weeks, I slept with the window open and a blanket on my legs. Hard to believe after those nasty storms we got in the Northeast last night, that a day like today could emerge. My carpet roses took a beating from all the storms we got over the past few nights... there are petals all over my patio, and the flowers just look sad. Here's a picture of what they looked like before they were all mashed thanks to Mother Nature.

The past few days have been good. After that weigh in on Saturday, my scale has told me that I'm on a downward slide, which makes me happy. I hate reporting my "unofficial" weight during the week, but seriously, for the past few weeks, I've been going out on Friday nights, and I wonder if that's throwing my weigh ins. Eh, like that really matters. One thing I did notice is that my belly bulge seems to be going down. I have given up my daily Diet Cokes, since I read in Prevention that they are related to belly fat and bloat. Um, no thank you. Instead, there is one Diet Coke in my fridge at school, in case of emergency.

I had a crappy run at the gym last night. When I got there, around 4:30, there were more people there than I had ever seen before. Seriously. It was so bad that there wasn't one treadmill open. I started with my weight training, conspicuously watching the cardio area. I was too slow to grab one open treadmill, but then I got another. I was aiming for another 25 minute run. I got through 10 minutes, and I had to walk for a minute. I ran for another five, and then had to walk for another minute, until I got through another three minutes, and did my cool down. What the heck? I don't understand what is going on with my running. I think part of it is that my heart just really isn't into it. I'm leaving town in about nine days, I have this paper that I need to finish writing by Thursday (because I want people to look at it before I send it to the people in Spain officially), plus I have that class that I need to finish teaching. My heart just isn't at the gym on that treadmill. I'm also expecting that it will be hot and humid while I'm at home for the month of July, so I doubt I'm going to get to run all that much while I'm at home. Part of me wants to hang up my C25K sneakers until I get back here in August, but until I really get to that point, I'm going to continue incorporating runs into my workouts.

Finally, I'm doing Swizzlepop's monthly workout challenges. This month, it's arms and legs. I did the exercises on Saturday, and what I really wanted was some ankle weights to make the leg moves more challenging. Well, yesterday, I found a stash of them in the weight area. Wowweewowwow. Talk about feeling the burn. I'm not hurting that much today, but that last set of abductors were killer. Those of you who are doing the same, try it one day. You might like it :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your downward slide! I think I may cut down on the diet soda too & see if my belly bulge shrinks. Thanks for the info & DON'T give up your running!

ptg said...

That's awesome about the downward trend - I'm really hoping that the same goes for me.
I've switched to the Diet Coke w/ Splenda because of the same article, that aspertame can affect weight loss. It's not too bad, but it was definitely a switch!

Keep working on the running...I know it's hard, but one foot in front of the other is all it takes!

Manuela said...

I'm loving the June challenge.

I'm with you on running when it's hot and humid. I just can't do it and feel miserable when I try. It has been so COLD the last 2 days but great for running outside. That's good that you incorporate it into your other workouts.

I stopped drinking diet Pepsi years ago. Now it's a once in a blue moon thing if I'm having pizza! I also read somewhere that sodas are bad because they weaken our bones. Not good for us ladies!