Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekly Weigh In: I Feel Like I Win When I Lose!

If you can't tell, I saw Mamma Mia last weekend, and between that and my obsession for the song Waterloo, I've been waiting to use that line for a big loss. Well, it's here. I lost 2 pounds this week. Woot! I'm feeling so good about myself right now. I think my self-esteem is coming back little by little... I might even wear the shirt that I felt showed my tummy tire for a get-together tonight at a colleague's house!

Today was Day Three of C25K Week Five, which you run for 20 minutes straight. I timed my mile and it was a 14 minute mile. Um, that's embarressing. Sure, I'm a beginner, and I know I can't run a 10 minute mile, but at the same time, I'd like to be at a 12 minute mile for my 5K in October. All I have to say is that today, I ran for 20 minutes straight, minus a little 30 second walk. It felt good. I already feel tired and sore. I wonder if my training is off because I'm running on a treadmill and I still have that strong fear of flying off the back of it because it's going too fast. I think I'm going to start going to the track and working on my time. What I really need is a sports watch so I know how long I've been running. Maybe that's what I'll buy myself when I hit my 50 pound mark instead of a silly Vera Bradley bag.

Well, I'm going to hit the showers because I'm meeting one of my students for lunch at Subway (Eat Fresh!). I'm going to leave you with this video on body image in America. I can't wait for this documentary to come out on DVD. You wonder why women like me have a hard time seeing themselves for who they are now, rather than the person they were 40 or 50 pounds ago.


Chrissie said...

Wooohooo what a great WI. You are so close to that 50 lb mark its not even funny. I say good job for the running. I know at this point I couldn't run for probably 2 minutes so 14 is awesome. Oh and you gotta love the subway. I'm jealous you got to see Mamma Mia.

Lori said...

You look great! I did the c25K program. I started in April and ran my first official race in July.

It really worked! I am also working to get down to a 12 minute mile. Good luck!

Irene said...

I think it's great that you are running so well. I do want to warn you though that treadmill running is not the same as road running. I learned that the hard way, sadly.

I am at about 14 minutes per mile and I have been running since February. So, be proud of those 15 minutes.

KK said...

Woohoo! Congrats on the weight loss and your running progress! I am a huge fan of Abba!

btw, I tagged you for the blog award you already won. I don't expect you to do it all over again, but I wanted to give you a shout out since I love reading your blog and all the progress you are making!

RooBabs said...

Yes!! See, I told you that you would be going back down in no time. I also "feel like a winner when I lose" but since it doesn't always turn out that way, I have to find other victories- don't we all?

Great job on your run. Don't worry too much about your time, you'll get faster. It's a huge accomplishment to be able to run for 20 minutes straight. Three months ago, I couldn't run for 5 minutes straight.

That video was really interesting. It's so terrible that a young girl would feel fat because she was a size 4- just crazy. I love the campaign that Dove has been doing for a while, promoting "natural size" women. I hope that other companies will follow. Lose 80 Pounds said...

Yay on losing 2 pounds! =) By the way, my husband checked out your blog after you nominated me for my award and he said "that doesn't even look like the same person!" in reference to your current photo. Great transformation! =)

Great job on the 20-minute run! I'll think of you when I do mine on Sunday!

MizFit said...

great WI and really good training day (and you called it an off one!)

have a good weekend.

Miz., who is now singing Waterloo in her head and shall proceed to all weekend.

Chellie has Issues said...

I just found your blog and you look amazing. I used to hate running, but love it now. Once you run your 1st 5K you'll be hooked. It is a good idea to do some street running before your race. I was amazed at how much harder it was running outside, even when I ran on my treadmill at an incline. Keep it up and you'll get there. I also want to get a pace watch. I always want to know how fast I did my race and some races don't post your time right away.

Lanceman said...

Awesome job - hard work and dedication really pay off!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your continued progress!!! When do I get to see you? Time flies so fast :)


Cammy said...

Congrats on the great weigh-in!

I second the notion of a good watch for running. It would be a great reward!

Anna Belle said...

Congrats on 2 lbs. that is great and on your new award. Very deserving you are indeed.

Thanks for coming by to visit. You asked what program I am on. It is Weight Watchers Flex points programs. I just started last Monday night so everything is very new.

I so admire your determination and running. I can hardly walk but that will be changing soon.
What is the C25K program?
Have a great weekend.

ptg said...

20min is FANTASTIC!

I hear ya on the running goal is to run my 10K under 75min (putting me at a 12min mile almost exactly) but as I keep running farther distances, I find my mile times are increasing drastically. My thinking now is if I can just finish it, under my own power, then I will be proud of myself.

Anyway, long story short - focus on the how long you run rather than the time of each mile. The time of the mile will come down as you get better, as well as how long you run for.

Jason said...

Hey....congrats on your run!!! The only way to run, is to run. I know, I'm quite profound.

Don't know what's happening tomorrow, but hope everything goes well.

Thanks for the kind words :)

briy said...

Hi there!

I wandered over since you left a comment on my last blog entry. :) Congrats on all of your progress, it's amazing! And I'm always excited when I see someone else doing C25k! I just loved it.

But what I really wanted to say is yay running watch! I did the whole C25k program without one, keeping time on my iPod, but it was such a pain. Having to click a little and wait to see the time, and doing the math in my head. Bah! I'd looked at the fancy-shmancy ones with GPS that plug into your computer and move your legs for you, but they're out of my price range. :) I just bought a little $9 baby at Wal-Mart, and it rocks my socks. All it does is tell time and stopwatch, but it makes my runs so much nicer, for some reason.

Anyway, keep up the good work! I'm returning to the blogosphere, so I'm adding you to my Google Reader. :)