Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Fancy Shoes

While I was at home, I finally broke down and went to a running store to be fitted for running shoes. I had planned on doing it, but as someone who is on a nine month contract at work, summers make my finances a little tighter than most. But what really started pressing me to find a new pair of shoes was that when I started running at home, I began experiencing some knee pain, not in my actual knee, but kind of behind it. I actually had to ice my knee down a few times (which again, contributed to my five weeks of laziness and weight gain!). One night, I went to the mall with my mom, and figured I should just buy another pair of New Balance, since that's what I've always worn, because I get them on the cheap side at a Shoe Depot type store. Well... they just didn't feel comfortable. Plus my mom was really getting on my case about my knee pain (doesn't help when your 55 year old aunt just got a knee replacement and a cousin who had ACL surgery at 15 and still experiences knee pain). So, I figured since I would be paying $80-100 for a new pair of good sneaks, why not just go to the running store?

And so I did. Luckily for me, there is one in my hometown, but I'm not sure if there is one where I live now. Anywho, the guy measured my foot, told me that because my foot was so flat, I had a pronation problem (which is true, just by looking at how my normal shoes wear, you can see that when I walk, my foot is twisty), and recommended four pairs of shoes for me to try on. I ended up going with the Asics. These are them. Aren't they pretty??

Today was my first run with them. My body is already crying. It's been a good month since my last run. Let's just say that it's time for me to pull out my C25K podcasts again and see what I can and can't do. I woke up this morning, stepped on my patio and said, "What a beautiful morning for running outside!" So I drove to my university's track and proceeded to loop around 3 times before I was dying (that's about 3/4 of a mile). I ran/walked for about 1.5 miles, which was about 30 minutes. Then I came home and did some lower body and ab exercises (still on the Swizzlepop plan from earlier this summer). Now, I'm sucking down coffee, hoping that my body doesn't want to crawl back into bed instead of heading into the office to put a few hours in.


Lynn said...

Heh! I had to do a double-take between your shoes in the picture and my shoes on the floor by my desk.

They're not exactly the same, but very, very similar. I've been really pleased with mine, so I hope you have a good experience with your new shoes! Lose 80 Pounds said...

I love your pretty pink shoes! I haven't purchased actual running shoes yet, but I love my asics crosstrainers I have now. They're silver and bright orange. =) I haven't experienced pain from running yet, but do plan to get some running shoes sooner rather than later.

ptg said...

Those are pretty!

I do a lot of consults for people to get running shoes and getting supportive shoes is really important so I'm glad you did it!

If you find the Asics work for you, you can also go to Road Runner Sports which is where I get my shoes from. It's a little expensive sometimes but not more than a running store and they have an awesome return policy.

Great job on restarting the running - it's definitely hard but I think you'll find that you'll get back into it sooner than you think!

Cammy said...

Love the new kicks! Why do all the pretty colors come in the styles I don't need?

Glad you're finding your way back to your running groove!

Irene said...

I am dying for a pair of new running shoes. I am so envious.

KK said...

I love my asics! Good luck getting back into your running. You can do it!