Thursday, August 14, 2008

Christmas Came Early!

First off, WeeLittleMe nominated me for a blog award! This is my first blog award nod of any kind! I'm so excited even if I just get to put this little dohickee in my blog for today:

WeeLittleMe is from the other side of the world (another one of our Kiwi bloggers!) but at the same time, going through something very similar that I did... fighting a battle against weight gain while working on a PhD. Some of you might think that's an uphill battle (and lord knows that I didn't win that battle, especially if you check out the before picture on the right from my PhD graduation), but I believe in WeeLittleMe, and I know that she can pull through and succeed on both fronts!

Part of being nominated means you get to nominate some other people for the award.

1) Lose 80 Pounds has been someone who has been commenting on my blog since almost the beginning. I'm amazed at her dedication and success at her weight loss. Check out the new sexy mama pics that she posted on her blog a few days ago. She keeps me going :)

2) Cammy is another source of inspiration. My favorite thing about Cammy is her attitude towards weight loss. I can hardly remember one post whether she had gained or not where her attitude was somewhat negative. And I love her Makeover Monday posts.

3) RooBabs is someone whose blog I've just begun reading after she commented on my blog. Thanks for your thoughts on my blog... now expect some of mine on yours :)

4) ptg gets nominated for this award as well for egging me on while I was gone last month. It was really nice to get that comment "are you back yet?!?!" which really made me come back to this little life that I built for myself that includes eating healthy and getting my butt out of bed in the morning to go workout.

5) Finally, C's blog is going on hiatus. She's kind of hit a roadblock in her weight loss journey, but I'm hoping that this award will help her get back on the horse faster than she plans to. Mainly because I'm selfish and I like to see her comments and her blog posts, but also because she's come so far that I don't want to see her regress either.

I picked five.... but I love everyone who posts on here regularly and even those of you who don't. It's just great to know that people are interested in what I've been doing and providing encouragement when I need it the most. Who would have thought that this weight loss community would be just what I needed to get through this?

For those of you nominated, here are the rules:-Put the logo on your blog-Link to the person you received your award from-Nominate at least 7 other blogs-Put links to those blogs on your site-Leave messages on the blogs you’ve nominated

Okay... off to the gym for some elliptical excitement!

2 comments: Lose 80 Pounds said...

lol...Sexy mama checkin' in here....thanks for the nomination! =) I'll work on my own nods in the coming days. I feel so special!

ptg said...

Awwwww! thanks for the nomination! It's my first bloggie award too!