Monday, August 18, 2008

Love Yourself a Little!

I was watching the Olympics last night, and I've come to the conclusion that Shawn Johnson is an awesome role model for young girls. She's sixteen, and has an awesome body, even though she's a tiny little girl. Seriously, seeing her up against some of the Chinese and Romanian gymnasts, she looks like a REAL person: strong arms and thighs and pulls herself up to show off every inch of her height. I know my thighs are never going to be the size of Giselle Bundchen's, but I would *love* if my thighs were as strong and capable as Shawn's.

And, as a side note... everything went perfect today. I had my divorce hearing, and for a while I wasn't sure if my ex was going to show or not. Unfortunately, things were hanging in the balance as to whether this was going to be a final hearing or a preliminary hearing all based on whether he showed. He did. He wasn't very civil to me and barely said 10 words to me, but you know what, that's fine. I'm not the same woman he knew and married. I'm different, in a good way, on the inside and out. This year has been a year of growth for me, and I know I'm strong. I just didn't want this to drag out any longer than it needed to. Thanks to all who wished me well. I think your positive thoughts helped make things go as well as they did today.


Robyn said...

I'm glad everything went well!

Brittany said...

So glad to hear your divorce hearing went well! I thought that was what it was for, but I wasn't 100% sure.

I agree with you about Shawn Johnson. She looks huge next to the the Chinese gals that look like they might weigh 100 pounds, soaking wet. And I think that's great. That young girls can see someone other than the little tiny girls from China and other countries, especially representing the U.S. Hopefully they start featuring her more in magazines as opposed to the anorexic looking models they show now.

ptg said...

I am glad things went well, and more importantly, that YOU are doing well. To me, that is most important!!

When I got divorced it was a world of weight off my shoulders (no pun intended).

While I haven't watched any of the gymnastics at the Olympics, it is amazing what those kids can do, isn't it!?

Cammy said...

The good news is that your thighs CAN be as strong and capable as Shawn Johnson's. You may not be able to turn flips with them, but you can run and jump and swim and do all sorts of other cool things. And maybe turn a flip. :)

Congrats on getting your divorce behind you. Now you can move on and move UP.

Anonymous said...

good to hear it all went well. congratulations on how far you've come this year. progress feels good eh!

MizFit said...

Im so torn on the gymnasts as I can not help but view them with a cynical eye (are they eating? being over trained? is Bela getting angry at them and shrieking his infamous NO FOOD FOR YOU!!!) but Im a crazy mom that way :)

and a lighter MADE ME SMILE note?
I adore that you KNOW youre strong.
that you said it.
no caveats or apologies or qualifiers.

Chrissie said...

I agree about Shawn. She is a great role model. And very strong. Glad things went well yesterday.

Lynn said...

Ah, divorce... yeah, I've been there, done that, and it's always good when it's all over and done with.

KK said...

Yay! I am glad things went well! Congrats on taking control of your life and being the strong capable woman that you are!!!

Anastasia Beaverhausen said...

I understand your comment about Shawn Johnson, but all of the training that she has done has actually destroyed her body in the long run. All of that training at an early age has done irevocable damage to her endocrine system and reproductive system that will send her into early meopause and puts her at an extremely high risk for osteoporosis. Not to mention she has already stunted her growth and maturity of her body (back to the endocrine system). I think that she is a better role model than a Paris Hilton, but she is an example of another extreme. She has now thrown her body into the deadly female triangle. The Chinese girls are more closely staying true to their body types and have more of a dancer's shape and stregnth.

I have a been reading your blog for a while, I too am in higher ed and enjoy your posts. I felt the need to respond after hearing over and over again, not just on your blog, about these girls.

RooBabs said...

I'm so glad to hear that everything went well (sorry, I've been reading along all week, but haven't had much time to comment). You were in my prayers.

I'm all about more positive role models for young girls. More Hannah Montana (ignoring the whole Vanity Fair scandal) and less Lindsey/Paris/Britney drama.

Anonymous said...

hey i sort of stumbled upon this post but I totally agree with you about shawn. she was definitely a highlight of the olympics for me.
however from watching her on tv i can say pretty positively that your gymnast picture is not of shawn but of alicia sacramone. just to avoid confusion.
other than that just keep being you. =]