Thursday, August 14, 2008

Talk about Inspiration

One of my coworkers was featured on the local news last night. He's raising $25000 to start a cancer fund in memory of his mom who passed away recently. What's really amazing is how much weight he's lost and why. When I first started working here two years ago, he was extremely overweight (in the story, I think he estimates about 100 pounds). And now... he's training for the Marine Corp marathon this fall. Wow. He's offered to go on a run with me, but I'm so not ready for that yet! Anyway, if you click here you can check out his story. Unfortunately, I can't link the video, but when you go to that page, there is a link that says "Watch Story Video" which shows some before and after shots of his weight loss. And if you're really interested in his running, you can visit his blog here. My favorite quote on his blog is that he's running away from a fat man. That thought has made me smile all week because I'm now running away from the fat woman that I used to be :)


ptg said...

WOW! Good for him!

And I love that comment too - running away from the fat man. I think we're all running away from who we used to be, because we see who we CAN be if we just turn the corner!

Chrissie said...

That really is inspirtation. Thanks for sharing the story with us all. I also love that quote...I want to run far away from this fat lady I am now.