Saturday, August 23, 2008

Are you kidding me????

This morning's run was up in the air when I came home last night. I had dinner at a friend's house, which wasn't so bad on the eating end, but I ended up having WAY too much wine. I'm such a sucker for good wines, of course I couldn't say no. So, I went to bed, feeling sluggish and tired and not setting my alarm. Surprisingly enough, I woke up this morning at 7:30. Hmm. Maybe I will go for a run. After setting my Ipod up with enough music to get my through my 25 minute run, noting the halfway point in the music where I should turn around and run back to my car, I drove to the stadium. Where I live, there's a nice little path around the football stadium, the university hospital, and the other campus of the university. I thought that would be a good little run.

Well, it was. My buns are burning though (did I mention that there are hills where I live?). Anyway, the first leg, running out, was fine. When I turned back, it seemed to be all uphill. Ugh. So I slugged it out, running very slowly, getting back to the point where my music supposedly signaled the end of my 25 minute run and beginning of my cool down walk. Cool. Walking, walking, walking... and another song comes on. D'oh! I remembered that I had added another song to this playlist to make it a 25 minute run, not a 20 minute run. So... I only ran for 20 minutes today. Grr. I'd say that I would do the run over again, but considering C25K Week Seven is all a bunch of 25 minute runs, I guess I'm just going to start Week Seven.

And running outside was nice. The sun was shining, there was nice little breeze at 8:30 in the morning, and as a reward, I drove downtown to the farmer's market to get some goat cheese that all my coworkers have been raving about. Well...what they didn't tell me was that Mr. Goat Farmer is a hottie. I'll definitely be adding this on my things to do on Saturday mornings :) Hope you're having a good weekend!


MizFit said...

only ran for twenty minutes :)

FOR SHAME FOR SHAME (she types in admiration for the fact that a. you ran 2. you enjoyed. C. your reward was the uber healthy goat cheese & saw a hottie).

sounds like the perfect morning.

MargieAnne said...

Thanks for comment on my blog and I loved walking in San Fransisco. It must be one of the most walker friendly cities in USA. We tried the same in Miami and found it very stressful so chose parks from there on. Don't you love the hills. It's all flat here, beaches tend to be flat, and I know it's kept me lazy. I really should choose some road routes, or get in the car and find a more challenging walk .... there are plenty around but not outside my back door.