Sunday, April 6, 2008

Winning Weekend :)

This weekend rocked. Not only did I put up big numbers on the scale this week, but I also went for a FOUR mile walk with my friend D and her son C. Four miles-- and I'm not even sore today. Best part about that was that we tried jogging part of the way and I wasn't even winded. Woo! I think I'm definitely going to start trying the Couch to 5K training once the semester is over and I have some free time in the morning to go jogging.

Even better, I went to Walmart today to pick up a shirt for my Relay for Life walk this Friday. I am making a puffy paint (oh, I'm having flashbacks to my sorority days!) t-shirt with the names of people who I am walking for on it. Anyway, went to the men's section to look for a t-shirt. The men's XLs were way too big for me. Hmm. So, I went to the women's section. I ended up getting a Hanes women's XL (just in case it shrinks a bit, plus it's cut closer than the men's t-shirt). That's not the best thing. I started perusing their workout clothes and bought a LARGE pair of workout pants. ME. In a SIZE L. Are you kidding me???? So, I decided to press my luck and bought a fun racerback tank for my walking/jogging. I look HOT. I'm so proud of myself and all the hard work I have done to get myself to fit into SIZE L pants.

Speaking of hardwork, I think I hear Jillian calling me for some kickboxing.

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Anonymous said...

That is great!! Congratulations!!