Friday, April 25, 2008

C25K: Week Two Day Two

A few things first:

1) Two of my grad students, who stop by my office every week, stopped by yesterday as usual. I don't know what I was doing, but they said, "Wow... Dr. F, you're skinny!" Now, no, I'm not skinny, but I am skinnier than what I was. So, I said, thanks guys! Both of these students have been dealing with weight issues, and one admitted that she had 90 pounds to lose. So I told her that I had 100 pounds to lose, and I've already gotten rid of 40 of them. Don't be daunted by large numbers girls!!

2) I ate a ton of crap for dinner last night. The dean's office usually puts out the awesome spread in the university's ballrooms at the end of the academic year, and it is a big "to do" for everyone in the college, because we have student loans to pay, and if the dean's office wants to feed us, so be it. To be fair, I did fill half of my plate with pineapple and cantalope. But the other half... Swedish meatballs, some risotto balls, veggie samosas, bacon wrapped scallops... and that was just some of the selection. I decided not to competely pig out, and I only went up once, but also had two chocolate covered strawberries, and didn't have any alcohol at all, so hopefully that saved on some calories. I felt it last night though, as the food sat in my gut like a rock.

So, C25K... I slept in yesterday, and got up at about the time that I'm usually leaving for the track, so I decided to put it off until this morning. So... this morning... Got to the track, put my water bottle down, turned my Ipod on... turned my Ipod on... wait. Why the heck isn't my Ipod turning on?? So, for split second, I thought about going home, because how was I going to know when to start and stop running? Then I remembered from the other morning that there were certain points in the track that signified where I started and where I stopped. I started at the little judging house and stopped at the garbage can on the other side of the track by the hurdles. And that's what I did: walked, ran, walked, ran six times around the track. By the time I was done, I had done this for two whole miles, I felt good, and never once did I cheat. Now, timewise, did I do it correctly? That's what I'm not sure of. But at the same time, I worked out today, and didn't skimp on it just because my Ipod needed to be charged. I guess Sunday will be the true test, when my Ipod will be all charged and ready to go!

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MommaK said...

Kikibride! I knew this was you but I haven't told you. So now I want to tell you how fabulous you look!

All of my girls are losing weight and I think I have found most of it!

Anyway, keep up the good work; it is much easier when you are young. Learn your lessons now and don't pay for it later, like I am!

Best of luck!