Tuesday, April 15, 2008

C25K: Where I Hurt

I forgot to mention this before, probably because I was distracted by the BL finale, which I will discuss tomorrow. I hurt on my upper inner thighs. I feel like I have a sex sprain! Seriously! It's funny though because I've never really been sore there before. My core is also a bit sore, which I notice when I laugh (which obviously I do a lot of, since I noticed it). But it's all worth it. Tomorrow is a 20-30 minute cardio plus 20 minute weight day. I'll try to rest my upper inner thighs, but obviously I don't use them all that much :)

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Laura said...

OMG me too! Dave wanted to know what I had been doing. ;-) It's so weird, I never remember the inside of my thighs hurting from running before. That just means we are working new muscles...which is a good thing! Day two for me is today.