Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekly Weigh-In: Just When I Thought I Was Out....

The scale pulls me back in. Or over, depending how you look at it. I gained weight this week... 1.2 pounds to be exact. Am I surprised? The answer to that is no. I did a lot of extra eating this week (two banquets, one dinner out, and a heavy lunch... plus that gelato run on Tuesday) not to mention I'm PMS-ing like a fiend. I bloat (have we had this conversation before? because quite honestly, I've been feeling like a whale) and I get hungry beyond belief. So, Aunt Flo, hurry up and get here and STOP messing with my body! I'd like to get back on track with my weight loss next week. Thanks!

Reality check: Again, this might just be the PMS talking, but I've been obsessing about my belly. It is the one place on my body that I could jiggle like jelly. Okay, my thighs too, but focus on my belly here! I really feel like I've lost no weight in my belly, and I especially felt that way when I went shopping this week. On Thursday, I went to Dress Barn by myself. First off, I don't know why I go there. They have some cute dresses, but they are way too "old" for me. It's hard to find something that I feel comfortable in there. So I tried on a few dresses, which I don't need, and a couple of tops. All of the tops were empire waist, and I felt like I looked pregnant in them. But one of them kind of sort of looked okay, and I held onto it with another dress that I thought I liked. I went up to the cash register, and was deciding on the shirt when the lady asked, "What are you thinking?" So I said to her, "I really like this shirt, but sometimes they make you look pregnant, and I have a bit of a belly." And she said... "Yeah, YOU DO." Gasp! What??? Aren't you trying to make a sale? Shouldn't you be complimenting me instead of telling me... the truth!?!? So I quickly handed her the shirt to put back on the rack and bought the dress by itself. Later, I decided that I was going to return the dress as well, because, quite honestly, I felt that my bloated belly looked ridiculous in that as well! I guess you win some (the Gap) and you lose some (Dress Barn).


MommaK said...

I would have said to that biotch, "Yeah, the triplets really did it to me! BUT, it's only been a week, so...."

Some peole have no brains. You should have left the dress there, as well, and walked out!

Don't let that stuff get to you. Concentrate on the progress you've already made and what's ahead.

c said...

Oh, sorry about the gain this week! I hate when your body plays games like this. It's annoying! It seems like you had a busy week and I'm sure it'll slide right off next week.

That stupid saleswoman. I hate those styles too. It was over a year ago but I tried on one of those style shirts where I was working and a co-worker said "oh, I didn't know you were pregnant!" Um, yeah. I'm not but thanks for helping me decide not to get it.