Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A few things I forgot to mention...

I've told y'all about how hard it's been for me to keep up with my healthy eating. So, when I went grocery shopping last, I raided the "healthy" frozen foods section. I've been craving Mexican food, so I picked up Cedarlane's Garden Vegetable Enchiladas. These are 5 points for the whole box (which includes two enchiladas), and are Hungry Girl recommended. I really like beef enchiladas, so I was concerned about these being completely veggie. Well, they tasted great! Five minutes in the microwave and voila! A great scrumptious low calorie dinner which makes you forget that you aren't sitting at the Mexican restaraunt munch on chips and sipping on maragaritas.

Also... my new favorite snacks include Fiber One Peanut Butter and Oats bars (perfect for that afternoon pick me up) and Jello sugar free pudding cups. LOVE THEM. The pudding is my chocolate for the day (yay!) and it's a great after dinner snack. Put a dollop of low-fat cool whip, and nom nom nom... yum!!

So, today, I took myself to the gym. Yes, folks, I'm breaking down and joining a gym! The problem here where I live is that there are two choices when it comes to gyms: the gym on campus which is full of undergrads that work out in teeny tiny clothes and with full makeup on. No thanks. The second choice is this place, which is a rehab facility that also has a gym membership. It is a small gym, not very big at all. However, they have spinning classes (which I've wanted to do for a while now), enough machines and weights for me. I think I'm going to try it out, especially since the contract is monthly, and I can get out at any time.

I still feel like I'm fighting a cold, so I think I'm heading to bed. Have a good night!


c said...

Margarita's and chips sound really good though. I haven't gone out to Mexican since starting WW and I've been getting the craving the last few weeks.

This is a stupid question but where do you find the Fiber One bars? I keep on hearing about them but aren't sure if they are on the aisle with all the energy bars or by the cereal type bars. Okay, I haven't looked that hard but I must be looking past them.

Yay for a gym too!

Jen said...

Hey chicky! - I joined the "other gym" in town - pro performance when I was there. It's beautiful there and has lots of parking if you wanna give it a chance.

PS feel better :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go on joining the gym! Feel better!

Swizzlepop said...

Congrats on joining the gym and just in time for the challenge! :)

I want to add the new Exercise Challengers to my private blog so please email me if you would like access and I will add you (I only post pictures in the private blog).
On another note, today is May 1st, our challenge begins TODAY. Check out the latest post in the Challenge Blog (http://jigglelessexercisechallenge.blogspot.com/2008/05/challenge-for-may-abs-wins.html - add the blog to your reader if you use one). Come on, let's do this! No giving up! :)

Anonymous said...

You are going to LOVE spinning. I wish the gym I go to has good instructors. I miss my old ones from up north!