Monday, April 28, 2008

Back to Basics

Yesterday, while laying in bed, I decided TODAY was the day that I would head out to the track to see if I could give one more try at C25K Week Two. Um... it's raining. And not drizzling but pouring. So, I decided to stay home and do some videos to get my 60 minutes of cardio today. I started off by doing Biggest Loser Vol. 1, which I haven't done in FOREVER. Seriously, it's close to two months since I've visited with Trainer Bob. I figure that since my butt is obviously NOT in gear, that I should go back to doing things that I was doing before, like eating salads for lunch and being a bit more on schedule with my workouts. So... 25 minutes of Bob and then another 30 minutes of Leslie Sansone and her crazy walking. Sometimes, I like Leslie. Other times I find her over the top and a bit too... energetic? Motherly? Annoying? I can't find the right adjective. Maybe there isn't just one. I do have to say that as my workout came to its end, and I was all sweaty and tired, I felt good. Today is one of those days where I would LOVE to stay in my jammies all day and read and grade. And... actually, that's what I might do. There is no real reason for me to go into the office today. The thing is that I need to focus on grading and reading and actually get things done rather than say... taking a nap!

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