Friday, April 18, 2008

C25K Week One Day Three

So, I convinced E to get up early to go C25K with me on Thursday morning before work. Thursday wasn't as cold as Tuesday, but I still had some issues with running outside. I guess it takes some getting used to, and as I'm not used to 1) running let alone 2) running outside, it's going to take a while. My workout wasn't clean at all. I had to stop two of my intervals early because I had a hard time breathing. And no, I'm not running... I'm seriously jogging. I guess I'm just nervous about getting an asthma attack. So, I've decided to lengthen my week one. I'm going for another Week One interval tomorrow, and hopefully, I can have a clean run. We'll see. All I know is that the backs of my thighs were really sore when I woke up this morning. Hopefully that won't always be the case. But I am concerned about moving on when I'm not completely comfortable with Week One's intervals yet.


Laura said...

Good job sticking with it! It is so not easy. I'm proud of you. I am totally with you on the rolling out week one longer train. I can totally see myself spending two weeks on each of the weeks. I'd rather get myself comfortable than to move forward to quickly...get frustrated...and give up.

Congrats on the good work. I just realized I never wrote back to your email the other day. I suck...I will write back soon.

Happy Friday!

Mollie said...

Good for you! And I for one have NO issues with extending a week until you're ready to move on. It takes how long it takes, just keep moving girl! I'm with you on running outside tho - I'm just not confident in doing it yet so I'm running on the treadmill, but we'll see how it goes.

Keep up the good work! And yeah, I've started following your blog. :)

c said...

I think it's really smart of you to take your time. If you're not comfortable there is no reason to move on just because the schedule says to. I almost think that the weeks should be 4 or 5 days but it would get drawn out.
Keep it up!