Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekly Weigh-In: Back in the Saddle Again

Hello! I haven't forgotten about you, even though it seems as though it's been forever since I've posted here. The past week and a half has been a bit crazy. First my mom came to visit me for my birthday/Easter. Then, I went to San Francisco for a work conference. I was super stressed over the SF trip, mainly because I was running so far behind due to my aunt's funeral a few weeks ago. But... San Fran was just what I needed. A friend and I completed our responsibilities to the conference and then had FUN. We walked for miles all over San Fran, ate good and yummy food, and enjoyed all the sights. I feel like I've returned refreshed, ready to tackle everything that needs to be tackled: work related and health related.

What's even better is that I ran into a bunch of people I haven't seen since I took my job almost two years ago. And everyone had the same response-- that I look great! Healthy, happy and moving on. That's exactly how I feel, and I'm glad that people who knew me when I was super heavy can see that as well. I know, it's kind of hard not to notice when someone's lost 35 pounds since the last time you saw them, but still! It feels so good to get that attention.

That being said, I weighed in this morning, even though I usually do my weigh-ins on Saturday. And... I lost 1.4 pounds since I last weighed in on March 22!!! This weigh-in brought me to my mini-goal of being 195 by the end of March. I'm actually under 195! I guess all that walking helped me lose while I was eating pasteries, chocolate (I blame the Hilton and Ghirardelli Chocolates for this!) and other types of food that aren't in my points range. Today, I plan on going grocery shopping before my workout and stocking up for the week on fruits and salad stuff. That's what helped me lose my weight that I had gained before Easter, and so I'm going that route again. Wish me luck!

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