Friday, March 7, 2008

The Emperor's New Clothes

Since I've begun my weight loss journey in September, I've only bought about six articles of clothing... a sweater on sale at the Gap, a sweater that I really wanted at Target, a sweater that was on supersale at Eddie Bauer, two pairs of jeans from Old Navy, and a dress from QVC (don't knock it until you've tried it... some of their stuff is really trendy and cute!) What's funny is that most of those clothes (minus the QVC dress, which I just bought last month) are huge on me. Since January, when I've been working out and toning, my body has really changed. So, enter my seamstress....

Her name is M, and she gave birth to me close to 28 years ago :) Her assistant seamstress is J, and she's my aunt. These two ladies have been a godsend to me since I've lost weight... and in many other ways throughout the years, but you can't knock having relatives that can sew!!! My mom has taken in countless pairs of pants for me over the past six months. Aunt J has put the finishing touches on it with her sewing machine, since my mom's is broken. When I was home in February, they had to put more darts in my size 18 jeans because they had gotten too big. My one pair had close to eight darts in it!! Now, they are close to falling off my waist. I love calling the two of them up and telling them to put their handiwork to use, because they are truly proud of what that means... that I lost more weight! Right now, they have all my summer capris at home and are adjusting them to fit me.

My budget is pretty tight right now, and it's hard for me to go and buy clothes in every new size that I'm in, especially since I don't plan on staying at a size 14/16 for long. So until my old clothes can't be taken in any further, I'm giving mad props to my mom and Aunt J for saving me many dollars.

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