Saturday, March 8, 2008

Week Eight: Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing

I lost 1.6 pounds this week! I think this number could have been closer to two pounds had I not splurged a bit this week. My body has been kind of off this week, which I think is the worst. I don't know if my body is off due to my cycle being a little screwy because I'm stressed at work or if my body is trying to stop the same upper respiratory infection that everyone at work has. Or both. Either way, this week has been bad. I haven't been keeping up with my food journal like I usually do, I've been snacking a lot more than usual, and when out with friends, I've kind of given my WW guidelines the shrug and splurged on things like lobster bisque (YUM-- perfect for a rainy day).

And, after eight weeks of doing the Biggest Loser Volume One video, I've decided to give it a rest until after my conference. I'm getting a little bored by it. Don't get me wrong... I love me some Bob, and this video has helped me lose weight (11.4 pounds) as well as inches (remember the incredible 12 from last week???). However, I've been reading up on changing your exercise routine up every so often. So, what I will be doing instead is Jillian Michael's Winning by Losing series. Jillian is tough-- a lot tougher than Bob. I've already done her cardio kickboxing routine and it is a capital W Workout. I already know that I'll have to modify some things. But you know what? I'm a lot more fit than I was eight weeks ago. Bob will be waiting for me after my conference, and I wouldn't say that I've gotten "used" to Bob's workouts. In fact, there are still portions which I modify. It's just gotten so predictable. So, time to set Bob aside and have some Jillian time. (Wish me luck... and send me some Ben Gay for my sore muscles!)

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Brittany said...

I love the cardio kickboxing dvd!! i use it all the time when i'm craving a butt kicking. haha!