Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bringing out the Big Gunn

Can I just say how excited I was that Tim Gunn was going to be the special guest for last night's Biggest Loser? I am a *huge* Project Runway fan, and I even own my own Tim Gunn bobblehead, who reminds me to "make it work" at my job. Anywho, last night's BL started with Maggie being voted off, which surprised me a bit. Was Maggie really a bigger threat than Brittany? It all happened so fast that I couldn't figure it out. Then, there was Tim Gunn! What was especially funny was that Contestant Ali was the only one who seemed excited about the whole thing. The rest of them were like, who? (My friends, time to turn into Bravo more often!) Tim gave us the requisite quips, like when he told Roger that his causal outfit was "a lot of look" and then finally gave up and gave them their outfits. Okay, it didn't really happen like that because Tim *is* a stylist and his whole job is to pick out outfits for people, but geez. Is Kelly really into the old lady look? Could she possibly complain about the fit of the shoes a bit more? Was Roger really a wack job to wear something as hidious as that purple shirt he picked out? Tim did his style magic and they all looked WONDERFUL. Especially Brittany.

Dan... oh, Dan. My friend, you may *think* you are a rock star and a bad ass, but you are just a silly little boy with the world's straightest blonde hair. Where on earth did you get the idea that you would look like Keith Urban? You ended up looking like this little guy from the Simpsons:

I don't think Tim Gunn would approve. Tim couldn't you have gone to the salon with them and stop Dan from turning into Ralph Wiggum?? I think the biggest transformation surprise was Kelly! Wow, what good highlights and a flat iron could do to a bad perm. Keep the look up Kell!
So, Brittany went home this week. I'm not really surprised. I was actually talking with my mom while the weigh-ins occurred, so I can't comment too much on it, but I knew she would be going home.

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