Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Love/Hate List

Since I've started this "healthier" stage of my life, I've tried a lot of new products. Here are some I like, and some that I don't (at all!!)

Things I Like:
1) Soy chips: I get some crazy cravings revolving around potato chips, cheetos, doritos, etc. So, last weekend, instead of picking up a tube of Pringles, I shopped around Giant Eagle's healthy/organic section and picked up a bag of cheddar cheese soy chips. They kind of look like mini rice cakes, but they are packed full of flavor and a bit more dense. They're the perfect option to a non-guilty crunchy snack, packed with protein.

2) Kashi Heart-to-Heart: many of the healthier cereals I tried are packed with calories. However, Kashi Heart to Heart is about 100 calories per serving (2 points for you WW-ers!) and reminds me of honey nut cheerios. Honestly, the first mouthful I had reminded me of maple syrup. I was in heaven, and glad that my cold cereal craving had an ally!

3) Luna Bars: These are my go-to snack as well as breakfast in a rush. They taste great with flavors like Caramel Nut Brownie, Peanut Butter Cookie, and Smores and they range from 3-4 points. A fabulous re-energizer in a cute little packet!

Things I HATE:
1) Low Fat Cottage Cheese: Actually... any low fat cheese for that matter. The cottage cheese is especially heinous. For one more point, I could be enjoying a not-so-gnarly snack. Instead, I opt for the 2% CC, and get a bit of unwanted tartness in every bite. An not-so-honorable mention: Babybel Light Cheese Wheels. EW.... this is what I imagine hockey pucks to taste like before they are painted BLACK.

2) Veggie patties: When I first started watching what I ate, I read somewhere that we should try to replace as many "animal" proteins with alternative proteins. I took this to mean, I should try to eat like a vegetarian. Well, if it means eating gross things such as veggie burgers and CHIX patties, no thank you. I'll continue to be happy with my turkey bacon, thank you VERY much.

Okay, well maybe not so much on the hate side, but in starting a healthier lifestyle, we have to try new thing out and not feel so guilty about not liking them. What's funny is that I could list a ton of other products that I've tried and enjoyed, but can't really think of too many that I really wouldn't force on an al-Qaeda prisoner of war. So, be adventurous! Try something! What's the worst that could happen?


Rachel said...

Kashi Heart-to-Heart is what I've started smuggling into movie theaters to snack on!! Its the best! I totally agree with the Luna bars (don't know what else I'd eat for breakfast during the week) and the soy chips. Have to disagree about the cottage cheese (just be careful to NEVER accidentally get no salt added, talk about yuck!!) and the Laughing Cow cheeses...I love those! And veggie burgers remind me of my days of being a no-meat-eating girl! :) Some of my favorites: whole grain Lean Pockets (good quick lunch during the week and only 4-5 points), chocolate graham crackers with fat free Cool Whip and sugar free pudding. Oh, and Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches.

Anonymous said...

Laughing Cow Light Chesse is my favorite!!!!!

kikimonster said...

LOL people! Laughing Cow Wedges and BABYBEL wheels are two different things :)