Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Losing (with) a Partner

PAUL'S FINALLY GONE!!!!!!!!!!! Yay. I had a bit of a panic last night when Maggie (or is it Jen? I can never remember) said that she voted for a person she adored. OMG, she couldn't be voting off Bernie! And thankfully, she didn't. One thing that kept resonating with Paul and Kelly is that Kelly left him, and that she felt held back. And, as evidenced last night, I think that Paul was still holding her back.

It is extremely difficult to lose weight as an individual if you are surrounded by people who are unsupportive. I experienced this first hand in my own relationship when I did WW the first time around. My X felt as though I was starving him with the food I was making (even though I made plenty). X abhorred fruits and veggies; he was a meat and potatoes kind of guy. When we went to the store, he made sure that his stash of junk was replenished, while I was having difficulty staying away from junk if it was in my face. Because I didn't have someone supportive, I ended up losing 20 pounds and regaining 25. I ended up heavier than I was before. It was a cycle that I definitely wanted to break as I started out new on my own. And luckily, I have surrounded myself with supportive people at work, in my network of family and friends, and online here with my blog and the message board I frequent.

An inspiration to me is my good friend R and her boyfriend J who are doing WW TOGETHER. They encourage each other to exercise and to eat the right way. They are making this life change together, as a couple. I think it's beautiful. And, as much as people might hate Jay and Mark on BL, they are the prime example of a "couple" who is working together as a team, pushing each other to the next level. We should all want that encouargement from family, a significant other, or a friend! Just like Jay and Mark, I love when someone praises me when I deserve it and gets my butt in gear when necessary. That honesty is truly love.

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c said...

Very good point about Jay and Mark. I'm actually starting to like them because they are there for each other. I guess they're the last team left to have started together. Brittany and Bernie are still there but they didn't know each other before.

Oh and was it just me or didn't Paul's new girlfriend kind of remind you of Kelly? There was a bit of a resemblance. I swear I wasn't looking for it though!