Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Man of the Hour

Growing up in the 80s, there were a lot of health and exercise gurus who supposedly inspired us to get up and get moving... Jane Fonda, Cindy Crawford, etc. But it's only one man who truly inspires me: Richard Simmons. Okay, don't laugh. Have you actually ever done a Sweating to the Oldies tape? I HAVE. I bought it off Ebay as kind of a gag gift to myself a few years ago. I didn't get around to trying it until this past fall. All I can say is... don't knock it until you try it. Sweatin' to the Oldies (the original, not its sequels) actually gets you moving AND sweating. Now, I'm not saying that I get a visit from Richard everyday. He's saved for special times when I'm feeling down or it's gloomy out, because, let's face it. Who can watch Richard Simmons with a straight face? I know I can't. I smile just thinking about his crazy antics, his sizzzzzzzzzzzzzzling moves, and his sincere encouragement. If you don't know anything about him, he's an FSU grad like myself (!!) and has battled a weight problem since he was a young man. I admire him because he doesn't look at overweight people as failures or hopeless cases. And sometimes, while working out, you just need to smile and remember why you're doing this: to be HEALTHY. Thanks Richard :)

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